• Devolving helps on a local basis.

    We should devolve power to an English Parliament because they can make better decisions than the way the government is set up now. Devolving will allow for making of laws and guidelines that help local populations rather than relying on rules that are irrelevant to the people. This process in many countries produces a more satisfied population with a more effective government.

  • Devolve Power to an English Parliament

    I personally think that the government would devolve power to an English Parliament because of the dominated by the city's economic imperatives. i personally think that the government would have to devolve power to an English Parliament because of how they were and how it affected so many people during that period of time.

  • Smaller is better

    Smaller is better when it comes to divisions of people and divisions of authority in well developed and well educated and rich populations. English Parliament would definitely be an improvement over a UK parliament, as people would have more representative say int heir government and do more along their lines of reasoning.

  • No, we should not.

    English Parliament is very important for the English Government to run correctly. Being the limitation of the English Monarchy, it gives power to a source other than the royal family. The people are what's important, even over the wishes of a royal family that may or may not be in your favor.

  • They're doing worse.

    No, we should not devolve power to an English Parliament, because the United States is in better shape than England. It would also not take long for England to revert to the system of highly taxing the United States. England is more socialist than the United States and as such, in worse shape economically. We shouldn't go back to that.

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