Should we disband the government and start anew?

Asked by: 1281992
  • If it doesn't work, throw it away.

    The governments of the world are full of corrupt, greedy, selfish, and moronic bastards. When people like this are in power, inequality and injustice are rampant in the country. Take majority of the african countries for example. There are a few really rich people and then everyone else is struggling to live. Government officials who take bribes, or are influenced by a company's wealth should not be in charge. We need persons who will serving the people, not for money, but because it is what they believe in. People who love justice and only speak the truth. Not some war hungry beasts looking for profit from invading arab countries. It isn't working right now, and if we don't start a new government then the problems of inequality, debt, poverty, and homelessness will only worsen.

  • The System is Broken.

    The system is broken and the only way to fix it is to throw out the old one and start anew. The government is full of selfish, fat and hot aired politicians that only think about themselves and the rich, they may do something that seems good for the public or the world and then they go do something that seems completely stupid and dumb.
    No one can agree with anyone and so you get nowhere and society stunts as things spiral out of control.
    If we were to say overthrow the government or get rid of the current one, what justice system and law system would take its place??
    How do you decide the new rules without seeming bias or prejudice???
    If we did this though it would be a step in the right direction for humanity as we could unite and overthrow them and their plans for a New World Order and we could turn against the Bankers you control our lives.

  • Absolute joke WOW

    I work hard for my money and it should be my choice with what to do with it not taxed, taxed and taxed again. I gave birth to my child, i went through the pain and torment yet the government has a say in how i bring her up, they did nothing! I did it all!

    They have proven that they cannot do it, so why do it! Why don't they take a bloody pay cut. Lords get £10,000 for walking in and signing a bit of paper. Perspective please!!!

  • The system is broken beyond repair.

    The government is teaching children that the geovernment is great and all, but the truth is that the government is becoming more communist by each law that is passed. They are putting microscopic listening devices in modern day appliances. If you have an Xbox One with the connect sensor the government has total access to any of those cameras.

  • The government is brain washing your kids!!!!

    Your kids go to school,why? The government.
    They are learning that the government is cool and we should learn more about it in history. The government wants us to help them destroy other countries so we can be on top. We also pay the government for taxes... Or for the presidents vacations. They need more allies. Bush did 9/11

  • Privatization is a necessary evil.

    What are we without a penalty? What are we without limitation? What are we without a funding? I believe that the government is a nuisance at times and in the way other times, but it must be here if we want to remain the way we are. Don't you agree?

  • Who told it doesn't work?

    I'm surprised of seeing so many people wanting to disban the government... Because in fact, I don't see how we can hope doing better by ourself from nothing. The institutions that exists throughout the world are the fruit of a long evolution and even tho there are problems, we must admit that the system in most of developed countries works. Moreover, we can't know what people are really made of, take the example of the many revolutions that occurs in south America in the past. We thought that those men (Che Guevara...) were good and wanted the best for their country and they finally installed a repressive system! So yeah, try to fix what exists more than destroy it...
    (sorry for the bad English but I'm not English speaking neither bilingual ^^)

  • Don't throw it away. Fix it.

    Nothing good will come from the destruction of an entire institution. The government is only legitimate due to its consent from the governed. I believe that the way our government was created intended the best for America's citizens. The only fair way to fix the problem is to change it.

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