• Yes Please Do!!!

    Every time my daughter asks for help on her math I cannot help her because I was not taught this way of math. Ever! When she tries to explain to me how common core works my brain hurts. It just turns a simple math equation into something ridiculously complicated and unnecessary. I would rather do algebra than common core and I hate algebra!

  • A Great Idea

    The Common Core Standards make absolutely no sense at all! I was not educated based on Common Core but many of my friends were and I have gotten a chance to see some of their schoolbooks. Common Core takes the most basic concepts and turns them into something complicated! No wonder the kids aren’t getting it!!! Not to mention that the Common Core Standards are developmentally inappropriate.

  • Yes yes yes

    The common core system, in my opinion, is just stupid. My state just recently quit using it and I think every state should as well. Most of the people who make it don't know half of what they are doing. Not to mention, Common Core is also very stessfull on a student.

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