Should we do away with the Bill of Rights?

Asked by: kbowzh
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  • It needn't exist, the rights exist.

    But it serves us well to define some of those rights on paper so there's little confusion about the ground rules by which those in positions of power must abide.

    As unchecked as abuse of power is with the Bill of Rights, I couldn't imagine what things would be like we govt. Given a blank check and limitless power over the citizenry.

    Posted by: Tink
  • We should keep them

    I've come across some people that want to do away with the Bill of Rights and change them to a more limited form. The founding fathers had debated long and hard over what should go into the first 10 Admendments. Our form of Government has lasted for over 200 years, longer than any other form of Government in the world. Do we want a British, Russian or Chinese form of Government? I say no!

  • The Bill of Rights represent what should be considered basic human rights.

    Though there has been debate on whether or some of those rights ought to be modified, the basic rights themselves are important as they are necessary to freedom and liberty. The Bill of RIghts is a declaration of upholding and protecting those rights. To do away with the BIll of Rights would make it possible to infringe upon basic personal liberties and thus the liberty of the nation as a whole.

  • It is a must.

    The Bill of Rights exist to protect the rights of the minorities. Without the Bill of Rights the majority could make many laws that forced the minority into their belief system. The Bill of Rights protect the minority and protect the rights of the people from being imposed on by the government.

    Posted by: SNP1

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