Should we do more to deal with the problem of domestic violence?

  • All domestic violence and hitting came down on.

    All hitting even as a punishment should not be allowed, it is hypocritical and If a parent does it, then why is a child not allowed to? Domestic violence, taking away free will and telling people what to do should be stopped. Any form of hurting a child is not acceptable.

  • More should be done.

    Yes, I think that we should do more to deal with the problem of domestic violence. There is too much domestic violence in the world (though any domestic violence is too much), and more should be done to prevent it. I think that it starts with awareness. If more people were aware of what a problem domestic violence is, there might be a greater chance we could eliminate it.

  • Domestic violence is not right.

    How can we spend so much time dealing with problems around the world, but we don't take time to worry about something that is so wrong in our own homes. Domestic violence should not be tolerated, and we need to take active steps toward ending this problem as soon as possible.

  • Yes we do.

    We as a society and as a people have a moral obligation to do everything in our power to watch out for those who are in relationships that are not safe for them. Domestic violence is a huge problem in this country, and much more can be done for the victims.

  • Domestic violence is an under-reported issue.

    Many victims of domestic violence don't speak out. They think, "This won't happen again." They accept their abusive family member's apology, regardless of history. If people are more educated about this problem and more people went to counseling, less people would be abused and those who have been abused in the past won't be abused in the future.

  • No Unless you mean and women. Enough has been done for women

    I'm sick of these statements point blank because no one means domestic violence they mean domestic violence against women. Nobody cares about men. No one cares about men who are committing suicide at alarming rates as a result of verbal abuse and in some cases physical abuse. It's a joke to people yet it's not funny to the men blowing their brains out. The ownership isn't on America anymore. Look at the Ray Rice situation. There is nobody who can tell me that men dont' care enough about domestic violence. Now it's up to women. If you're stupid enough to not seek help when a guy is constantly beating your brains out, you're not a victim. You're an idiot.This is coming from someone who watched my mother get abused for years only to grow up and have my sister go through the same thing without telling me. I'm not saying there aren't situations when their lives are threatened but that's the case whether they stay or not. Open your mouth like an adult or it's not my burden to help someone who is going out of there way not to be helped, period.

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MasturDbtor says2013-03-29T23:02:54.847
IDK. What's being done about it now?