• Its happened before

    Doesn't this ring a bell? Like an Al Qaeda kinda bell? This has happened with 9/11, the attack on Benghazi, and so much more. Obama is doing several things wrong. 1. He is calling them ISL instead of the rest of world calling them by their real name, therefore alienating him. 2. ISIS says if the US keeps bombing they'll behead more people, and what does he do? He continues specifically bombing and nothing else. Just put a SEAL team in there, take out the leadership instead of stalling until 2016 so you can jump ship!

  • ISIS is badbad

    Yep, the ISIS is bad.

    However, I am against deployment of US Troops.
    I do support drone strikes against the ISIS though.

    We have to stop funding, training, and arming " Moderate " rebels and instead fund, train, and arm the Syrian Regime.

    The Syrian regime is one ( If not ) of the last Secular governments in the area, and have already been fighting Islamic extremists for quite some time.

  • ISIS is too dangerous to be ignored.

    ISIS has brutally murdered hundreds of people. American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff had their heads cut off just because they were Americans. All we are doing right now is airstrikes. We should so more to stop ISIS from harming other people, like more economic support to the Peshmerga forces.

  • To the point of a ground engagement? No

    While Isis needs to be resisted, but it needs to be resisted in the right ways. A group like this would die on its own if all the middle eastern countries united against it, without money for weapons and equipment ISIS would have no capability to establish a Caliphate. We can provide something that ISIS lacks, to aid the middle eastern countries in fighting. Air Superiority. If we do a land invasion the exact same thing that happened with Al Qaeda will happen, they'll scatter into a Guerrilla war that we can never win. Airstrikes, equipment, strategic advise, but no soldiers. Leave it to those who know the culture, know the land, and know the people.

  • Flower War Instead

    Instead of having a full-blown war we should have a flower war (not like the Aztec ones though)! We would go to ISIS and give hungry people food. Instead of dropping bombs we'd drop flowers. We'd have a war over who could be nicer. We'd pass out food and medicine to the hungry and sick. We'd help people, educate their kids, give them vaccinations, and hug each other. It's so amazing, but unfortunately Congress would never agree to it. :(

  • Never.Task tough,not impoosible!

    The thing is clear, the fueling of the troops is done by Saudi. Probably in fact eventually against USA ,because 17/19 hijackers Of flight used for attacks in 11/9 attacks are from arab emirates. And we all know what US has made all the innocent nations pay.
    If this funding from Saudi has been stopped,
    This would result in weakening of the insurgent ISIS group resulting in Insufficient ammunition for them. However, The countries need to unite to fight together, Because this in fact is a militant group which is equal to the England Army. All it takes is a goddamn day, if the countries unite to finish this off. A treaty or a signing for one day for the attack both through ground and air, will finish it off! ISIS can be a threat to majority of the countries.If the powers unite, Well I don't think they will stand a chance.

    Posted by: BSSK

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-09-11T18:25:44.303
Fickle ass Americans.

We are tired of war, until we get outraged, then we're all for it, until we forget about the outrage about a month later, then we're tired of war again.

It's like the media and how they talk about the President.

One day he's a feckless apologist, the next he's a crafty tyrant, the next he's a weak willed coward, the next he's a political juggernaut steamrolling our freedomz with his lawlessness, the next week he's an empty suit.

This nation is filled with such idiotic and myopic, self-centered children of all ages, that it embarrasses me.

It's time to let middle-eastern problems remain middle eastern problems.

It's time to focus on FTAs and trade deficit reduction. It's time to lick our wounds and fix our political dysfunction by breaking the GOP like they broke our government and our economy.

It's time for Americans to start looking farther back than a single decade and farther forward then next week's paycheck.
Flipper72725 says2014-09-11T23:33:14.620
ISIS is so dangerous they were kicked out of Al Quida...