• Yes, I believe helping the homeless is the moral thing to do.

    Many homeless people are not in that situation because they are lazy and do not want to work or live in normal society. A great number have psychiatric disorders and/or addictions that prevent them from keeping a job and a place to live. Part of being human is the ability to overcome our baser instincts and helping those in need. Particularly, psychiatric evaluations, and in needed cases, treatments, are severely underfunded for the homeless and should be addressed.

  • Why ever not?

    I know people say that it is their fault that they are homeless but that isn't always the case. If they have fallen out with family and forced to leave their home where are these people supposed to go if they have no money? Furthermore, you cant get a job unless you have a bank and you cant get a bank unless you have money and you cant get money unless you have a job so its just a vicious cycle for those homeless people out there who don't have a bank.

  • They need help mentally

    Yes, indeed! I believe that there should be people with experience to seek many in this population out, and get them the help they need mentally. It's not normal for a human being to want to life in some of the conditions that they live in, and its very sad to see.

  • I say yes

    I think we should more to help the homeless because no one should be left on the streets to die of hunger and with hardly any cloths. How would you like it if you were homeless you wouldn't like it would you? Lets save the homeless say it with me people get your head together.

  • I say yes

    I say yes because all you hear about homeless people is go get a job and earn your own money but what people dont get is nobody wants dirty, nasty ,stinky people working in there restaurant because it will make their place look bad.So while ur a=out there on a shoping spree stop and relize what these poor people are dealing with

  • People should do more to help the homeless

    How would you like being homeless; needing food, money, and maybe clothes? I guarantee you would want someone to help you and take you in. SinNoMore had a good point. No matter what perspective you take, the outcome is always good. In the Bible it is written that if you take on the role of a servant, you WILL be blessed. Again I ask: How would you like being homeless???

  • Yes we should help the homeless because they are like us.

    The homeless are like us but they just can't buy things like us. Because we can buy things like phones ad food but they can barley buy food to last a day. So yes think we should do more for the homeless because they are like us and they should be treated like us.

  • Helping the homeless should be done because there are plenty of resources to go around.

    The thought that the homeless deserve where they are because they are not hard workers is a crass opinion that needs to be changed if those individuals are to be helped. A big issue I have with this is that it is very difficult to get a job once you are homeless. Companies require applicants to put their current address down. This causes a bad loop where the individuals cannot get a job in order to make money. Furthermore, we have more than enough resources in our country to help these individuals and families get back on their feet.

  • Poor = Blessed

    From a biblical perspective, care for the poor is commanded.
    From a moral perspective, care for the poor is right, and neglect of them is wrong.
    From a sociological perspective, care for the poor improves the community.
    From an economic perspective, care for the poor maintaining a reasonable distribution of wealth; we all have too much extra money anyways.
    What if you were homeless?

  • Yes we should help the homeless.

    As a selfless act we should support all human beings regardless of their standing in society. It sets an example and precedent of human kindness and compassion in a world that seems bleak and unforgiving. It is an imperative that one prevails and proceeds in the human condition through caring and cooperation. It also sets an example for future generations. Do to others that which you want done unto you.

  • People should do more, we shouldn't.

    I think it would be great if individuals committed to volunteering/providing more for those without the basics in life, however I don't think that we as a collective should, as it implies some mandate to care for the homeless. Hospitality should never be required, else it isn't hospitality. Besides people are happier when they can give freely.

  • They shouldn't be helped

    They shouldn't be helped because mostly al you have is money so when you give them the money they mostly send it on alcohol and things that make them more worse then they already are so the homeless should not be helped because all these things would happen they can get worse and worse and worse.

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