• More does need to be done

    I always wondered why our country builds from the top down. Then, we have other leaders who say we should build from the middle out. We all know that people are only as strong as their weakest link. Which makes me wonder, why we are not doing more to strengthen our weakest link.

  • We should help everyone

    Low class workers in the US are in a tough position. Living paycheck to paycheck, often caring for kids, and taking care of piling on debt can all be huge stressors and prevent upward mobility. We should, if we care for our citizens, try to improve their standard of living an dhelp them out.

  • Yes, I think we should do more to help low-class workers.

    I think that we should do more to help improve the living standards of low-class workers. While I do not believe in the process of offering more welfare or more money in terms of min.wage for low-class workers, I do think we should try to help them get more access to try to further their education.

  • No we are doing enough

    I think we are doing enough for the low class worker already. We are ensuring they are being paid and working in a safe environment. I do not see a need to be doing more than that. I think the current system is set up as best it should be.

  • No We Shouldn't

    For many low-class workers (or low-wage workers) they make strides to have suitable living standards, but if they aren't met, it's generally due to the lack of finances to do so. I think we would be better of targeting these low-wage employers and fining them when people can't even afford to live on their wages.

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