• It's supposed to be Prison for godsakes

    Prison. They are supposed to be under control. It's not some free for all land where everyone does what ever they want. They should have surveillance installed throughout every prison accessible to anybody who wants to go online and look at it whenever they want. Then the prison staff can't get away with turning a blind eye to anything.

  • Yes in a better world

    In an ideal world yes prisons should separate criminal minded prisoners with the ones that committed a crime out of desperation or by accident. It's not just about prison rape but about the gang warfare. Gang warfare forces inmates to join a side to protect themselves which will end up extending their time in prison and will keep them in there indefinitely or leave in a body bag.

  • Prisoners Need Protection

    Prisons, for obvious reasons, are not safe. Prison rape is something that can affect an inmate for beyond sentence however, and there should be more done to stop it. I believe the first and most important defense would be to not place non-violent criminals in jail. Putting non-violent criminals in jail just turns people into targets.

  • Even prisoners should feel safe

    Yes, I think that more needs to be done in stopping prison rapes. Even though these are prisoners and they may have broken the law to find themselves in prison, it does give the right anyone the right to rape another. Action within prison need to be monitored to prevent these heinous crimes with prison walls from occurring.

  • Action to Stop Prison Rape

    We need to do more in order to prevent prison rapes. Prison rapes are a crime that should include harsher punishments. People shouldn't have to worry about being raped while incarcerated in a state prison. With that in mind, we can easily curb the prison rape rate by taking appropriate actions.

  • We should do more to stop prison rape.

    Rape is so degrading and such a vile act against any human being, even criminals. Criminals are in prison to pay their debt to society. They are not there to be abused, by guards or other prisoners. I think anyone with a violent past should be separate from the mainstream prisoners. They are not animals.

  • Of course we should

    All people I society have a right to protection and that includes prisoners. The government and the officers are responsible for ensuring the prisoners are safe. This is part of the undertaking when you take away some bodies freedom. You need to provide the, with the necessary shelter and protection if you will no longer allow them to provide it for themselves.

  • Yes, we should

    No matter how we look at criminals, they have all the humane rights any average citizen has. One of those rights is living in a safe environment. When you think about it, inmates live in a strictly controlled environment, and watching these people shouldn't require a hard work. Even though residents are all outcasts and bad seeds into some level and this makes environment more risky than any average outside environment, a jail is a place like having your private police force right at your doorstep. If these forces would work effectively prison rapes wouldn't be there at all.
    This matter should be taken more seriously as a criminal is not a person that "deserves anything", but a person who has all right to be protected by his/her government.

  • Yes, we should

    Yes, I would have to agree with the notion that we should do more to stop prison rape. People are in prison for a reason, and especially if they were sent to prison for committing a rape, then that person should have solitary confinement. Prisoners, although they do have few rights, do not deserve rape.

  • Rape is a Crime!

    In or out if prison.. Rape is a crime!
    It's the Law.. So where does it say its legal to rape in prison?
    To be aware of it going on & do nothing or allow it is also a criminal. They are No better than the inmates. Also proven there are innocent people in prison..Put yourself in their position!

  • No, rape is fine in prison.

    I believe people who commit rape in prison should have there sentences lengthened. Aside from that, if you don't want to be raped then don't commit felonious crimes. The people in prison get what they deserve. There is a simple formula to avoid prison. It is not societies fault if you decide to be worthless.

  • Rape and beatings come with the territory

    Turning a blind eye when the stronger prisoners rape the weak, is a longstanding tradition in several prisons across the world. Often it is the same hell holes that torture prisoners, but not always.

    The threat of rape keeps criminals in the place and makes the strong prisoners humiliate themselves by engaging in homosexual activity

  • No we do enough

    I don't think prison rape is quite as widespread/dramatic as it is made out to be in the entertainment world. I think it still goes on though and is a problem. However besides having guards I'm not sure what more you would want to do to prevent it. Everyone in solitary would be too harsh.

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