Should we do this simple thing ?Oust Assad,give the Syrian people back their country then the global community help them to rebuild.

Asked by: yadayada
  • Why not give them back THERE contry

    It is there country they were there before the terrorists even existed. The government could be watched and the country would go back to its original owners. So all i am sating is get the american solders out and the farmers back. But remember to watch the country closely. Thank you.

  • Easier said than done: Consequences would be overwhelming

    It really is easier said than done. Ousting a political dictator, whose military follows his every command, would take a monumental effort. Whose to say that Assad won't carpet bomb his people, or use chemical weaponry on them like he has before? Sure, it would be idealistic to allow the Syrians to retake their country, but we must grudgingly admit that Bashar Al Asaad is also one of the biggest threats to ISIS and ISIS-affiliated groups in the regions. And as recent evidence suggests, ISIS isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Long gone are the days where America, under the Bush administration, could launch troops into the front lines. Besides, we've seen Vladimir Putin's previous reactions to threats and challenges made to Assad; the two are practically best buds. Putin would strongly veto the ousting of Assad, souring global relationships with one of the strongest military powers in the world.

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