Should we do what we love (yes) or something that makes us money (no)?

  • Listen to your heart.

    Well, if you really love this work so much, coz it's you dream, although it may be really exhausting, but if you love it so much, you'll just gonna keep on doing it and doing it, because you have enthusiasm and destination. Yeah although the "money" can help, but your passion wins, so nothing can stop you anyways.

  • Pick What You Love

    Choosing career options based on what will make you money, is bound to fail. A person is far less likely to succeed in career paths that make them money, but do not excite or interest them. You are far more likely to make more money pursuing a path that involves something you love.

  • Do what you love

    A career that you hate isn't going to make you happy. Yeah, money is great, but it's not everything. That being said, there is no reason you can't do both. If you love something like writing, or painting, or acting, you can do it on the weekends or after work if it doesn't pay the bills. Many famous artists and writers started their careers that way. If you want it bad enough it is very possible to live the life you want to live.

  • Money can buy you what you love...

    If you chose making a cake over making 1 billion pounds, your a cow. You can do what you love in your spare time. Money can get you what you love anyway like a pony or somthin' and then you get both. And enough to make others happy... What if money is your favorite thing, then its a win win for you and you and the pony you just bought but not Mrs Carr.

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