• There is no fat guy.

    The person you're at war with (me) only posted about having trouble verifying my e-mail other then that I've never posted anything other than real debates. I did not post anything on "doxing the fat guy" I'm the guy you're at war with and let me tell you about myself: I have only ever posted the verifying my e-mail address thing, Other then that I have never posted any "spam" and I am not Jamie. If you wish to I have an account my account name is Anarchist100 I just need to verify my e-mail address.

  • We need to do something about the jerk.

    Someone needs to go down to his basement, Or house, Or apartment, Or wherever he lives, And give him a stern talking to. It's illegal but he's ruined this site for everyone. He needs to stop spamming we want to have real debates. If your going to post that we should ban visitor posting get an account you hypocrite!

  • Sorry that's illegal

    You said that was illegal and posted no for doxing the fat guy so now you can't do anything to me :')

    Better luck next time pal but I'm unstoppable and fat guys like him are afraid of me and I'm gonna chase the fat guy off this site you can thank me later pal :)

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Kacke says2020-10-30T19:22:16.810

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