Should we dox the fat idiot in his mothers basement spamming on debate. Org?

  • Idk should we?

    Should we do something illegal because he ruined a website for everyone? I don’t know I we should because that’s illegal and the law says that’s illegal and even though he was being a piece of shit the law still says we can’t dox him for being a fat ugly piece of shit

  • I mean that’s illegal but at the same time I couldn’t defend him

    Let’s just permanently ban him and let’s have the police show up to his door for sexually harassing people on this site and constant spamming and then let’s also have him get in trouble with the debate. Org authorities and then hopefully his mommy will kick him out of his basement so he actually has to lose 600 pounds and get a job

  • Stop do not do this

    Why are you so mad at this guy? Hes already a sad individual and further escalating the situation will only get him to post more. Do not give him so much attention or he will never go away. Also doxxing for intimidation/harrasment is illegal and you would get in legal trouble for doing that. Stop posting these dumb debates because they make me more mad than that fat person

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