• Yess milk is gud

    Milk is healthy for your body and it is very tasty. The way we do this. Do u know da way? Milk is veryyyyyy healthy and suprisingly good for your body. Drinking milk is good and you could eat the cow meat. That is a win win am i right?

  • Frick yeah daddy

    Water is absolutely disgoosting and i agree with the other person who was talking about having breast milk cause lol. Water smells. Frick it. No one likes it. It tastes of nothing. Milk turns people on. Milk is best. Milk is life. Frick me with milk xd lol i am a dad lol jk no im not :3 im a girl who eats cheese which also has milk in it. Water is the biggest pongy and i does no like zee water so it can walk away from the drinking market and be alone in the sea or something and we can just use it when we need to shower or bath or something and then it can go back down the drain where it belongs to never be seen again. And if anyone is caught ddrinking water instead of milk they should be killed cuz tis illegool >:3

  • I drink lots of milk, It supports bone growth and development

    I like milk it is healthy for you and tastes good. However it can make you constipated but like in the title it helps with the skeletal frame as well. I have been told to drink more water but I always fit in the milk into my diet. I like milk.

  • I always drink water!

    If we drink milk, It contains lots of fat and by the way, If the milk is produced by the female cow it should have a calf and it is for the calf not for us, Humans. Also we do not need milk but if we don’t have water we are going to be soon dead.

  • Milk and dairy are dangerous

    Dairy has inflamed my system my whole life. More and more of the population is becoming allergic/intolerant to dairy, Wheat, Soy, Etc. Water is one thing I've never heard of anyone not being able to tolerate. Water is pure. It is life. But buy bottled; faucet water is full of chemicals.

  • I do not support drinking milk.

    The reason for this opinion is due to the fact that some don't like milk. This means that they may feel self-conscious if everyone else around them drinks it, And they don't want to. This could be an example of peer-pressure as people could say you're not helping the environment. Another reason is that cows produce milk, And they mayn't be able to provide milk for the whole world. Also, How would they link milk to taps in every household? Surely, There is no point in spending years when we have already linked water! So, What is the point of drinking milk when most like drinking water?

  • We don’t need just any milk. We need my breast milk!

    Penis vagina sex puberty penis vagina sex puberty penis vagina sex puberty Penis vagina sex puberty fuck me daddy he he he LMAO ha ha ha moaaaaaan ahhhhhhhh yes put your dick in my pussy papa he he mommy would not be happy he he he drink my breast milk he he he oh my f***ing god FUCK WATER! DRINK BREAST MILK

  • Milk dosen't keep you hydrated

    Our body is mostly water and completely replacing water with milk is a bad idea. Theres also fat in milk which is not good for you in large quantities. You will probably die of either dehydration or obesity if you just start straight up drinking milk instead of water. O

  • Water is necessary.

    I'm not saying that we should never drink milk again. I'm saying that we need both, But we need more of water. 80% of your body is made of water, And many of your vital organs depend on water to function. Your body also uses water to maintain your core temperature, So it outweighs milk in terms of significance.

  • Too much milk is unhealthy and bad

    Too much of anything is always bad. Milk has lots of fats and if you drink it instead of water then you are 100% getting fat because of it. And anyways milk dosent deal with our thirst like water does. So drink water and stay slim :) cuz milk won't digest the food you take in. Which means you will get so obese and u will literly die

  • Milk wastes our resources.

    It takes 2, 000 gallons of water to create one gallon of milk. Therefore, It is a waste of water to make milk. Also, In order for milk to be produced, A female cow must have a calf. The milk that is produced from the mother is made for the calf not for humans to steal.

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