• The heat alone would burn it all up.

    Are we not burned to a crisp already because of our atmosphere? Any trash sent towards the sun will be burned up in little or no time at all. Sure it is very costly, but we're running out of space as is. Are we not also risking the contamination of our water ways? I feel the pros far outweigh the risks, Besides, as an American, most of our recyclable trash is sent overseas then we pay billions of dollars to get it back (which is then turned to trash again). Money cannot be the argument.

  • Only if we make a space elevator

    With a space elevator, moving bulk material into space would be almost free. All trash should first be processed for any value in recycling, but then just shot into space. Not at any potential planet for colonization or any body, but into nothing. The universe is huge, and quite literally infinite.

  • We need a solution, and fast!

    The earth's amount of trash has surmounted to a jarring amount. Landfills are filling up faster than anything, and trash incinerators in europe are polluting the planet more than than the trash itself. We need to solve this problem of limited space, and what has a hug or even infinite amount of empty space? Space! It's in the name people. If we send it into space towards other planets, their atmospheres will most likely burn it up. Also, other planets don't have the human race on them to screw up their world. The trash wouldn't really affect them. It seems like pretty obvious solution to me. Send trash into space!

  • I don't care what is outside this planet.

    It's simple if you continue accumulating rubbish in the same room or place , you'll run out of space sooner or later. The Universe is so big that the amount of rubbish dumped out of the planet earth wouldn't be an issue. The process could be costly but it can be totally funded through an international cooperation between nations. I personally won't regret if this starts happening in the future because there is not possibility of life out there.

  • Outer space is infinite

    I think it would be great if we will dump our thrashes outer space because it is infinite space up there. There are also theories that universe is expanding. So, even the whole earth thrashes thrown all together in the space, I think it wont do any harm. Or just throw them in neighboring planet such as Jupiter etc,

  • Space & Pollution

    I say yes because the pros far outweigh the cons, in that the trash will be burned up in space rather than polluting our land and water. And if is not burned up space is infinite and earth is not. Id rather put our trash in an infinite container than my backyard were some day it will pollute our natural resources.

  • The sun would burn it.

    I mean why not? The sun would just burn it. We have enough trash on earth why do we need more? Sure it's a lot of money but why not? I don't want to die because someone would not send trash into the sun. 1. It would burn up. 2. It would help earth. 3. We don't die because of diseases from trash.

  • We don't have enough space

    We don't have enough space on our planet to support us for long. One day we will be flooded in our own trash! Space has an infinite amount of space. There are possibly hundreds or thousands of planets bigger than ours so basically our trash will have no effect in space until billions and billions of years later but by then our scientists will find a way to make trash disappear or something.

  • I agree that waste should be sent to an uninhabitable planet like Mercury which is closest to the sun.

    If humans go to space for exploration of other planets and the moon then finding a planet and discarding waste on it would be a productive way to make use of time and money. Since the government spends money on foolish things sometimes it would save both money and time to utilize this idea and benefit the environment for all organisms on earth. Mercury would be an ideal planet because it is uninhabitable and closest to the sun. Many lives would be saved if this idea was implemented.

  • Cleaner planet Objective

    In the long run if we could choose precisely where the trash would the end up i think disposing of it in this fashion would make for an overall cleaner more healthy planet. If say for instance we could send it directly into the sun that would eliminate nearly all possible waste material. Its all important to encourage producing less waste in general.

  • Nope not really in favour of that

    For me, the issue would be about preserving the quality of life on Earth, which is the pillar of sound waste management solution.

    But I dont think it should be something we should actively plan to do. Doubt it would be an easier way out too in terms of energy expenditure.
    But if we're mining asteroids, we might as well find a way to throw our trash into space.

    I'd feel it would be better to spend more effort on innovation efforts in goods and services with lesser waste/energy footprint and products designed with recycling/reusing in mind.

    Jetting it out of space doesnt seem to solve the problem, we need to focus more effort on producing less waste.

    So i'd guess it's a no.

  • We Should Never Dump Our Trash In Space

    Are we really kidding here? Dumping our trash in gigantic heaps of garbage all in the name of “landfill” is bad enough, but dumping it in space is almost such an ignorant suggestion it seems comical. Humans are doing a dedicated enough job ruining this planet all by themselves, let’s please not take our stupidity to an even higher level, and think that we can dump our trash, and unwanted refuse, into part of the universe we call outer space.

  • No, we shouldn't.

    No, I do not believe we should dump our trash into space. If we do this, it only maximizes a problem we already have. We need to find better solutions to our problems with trash, such as recycling, using less or finding other ways to dispose and safely deal with our trash.

  • Cost of the rockets

    It would cost to much on each trip around 1 trillion each trip and then where would you put the rubbish that you collect. It would be a waste to blow up the rubbish in the sun so we would have no choice but to have space junk but then after a while it would block our view and we would die.

  • It's been tried before

    The removal of waste on planet Earth has been tried all ready, and ended in oblivion. A space prob carrying uranium. Highly radioactive, to take to the sun. One of the engines failed, and dropped the uranium. We almost lost our precious planet because of this stupid idea. We don't want to risk it again!

  • Space trash problem

    We already have a problem in outer space: We fired so many things into orbit and so many things have already broken down into tiny pieces that it is becoming harder and harder to fire new things into orbit. If we really did fire all our trash into space we won't be able to safely go out and explore things anymore, or even send a new satellite into orbit.

  • Bad idea in the long run

    Things don't simply float in space, they travel at high velocity. It would be difficult to detect potentially damaging particles during space travel. It may not seem like that big a deal now because space travel is highly expensive and rarely done but in a future where it may be a common means of travel, microscopic debris from our trash may pose an unnecessary risk to our descendant. Humankind has a history of acting first and then thinking of the consequences later and that pattern is not sustainable. More study needs to be done on how safe littering in space would be so until then we need to keep our trash on the ground.

  • Nope! A lot of Trash is recyclable and/or Usable

    Throwing 'trash' into space is a huge waste of resources. Not only could we burn trash in order to create steam power, but we could recycle the majority of metals, plastics, and glass that we consider trash. Its highly illogical to just throw it out into space. Its also highly illogical to let it just sit there. Lets use our resources!

  • No, we shouldn't dump trash in space.

    There is already a lot of garbage in space, called orbital debris, from various technology that has been abandoned. It's alarming to see images that show how much garbage is already out there. Sending out additional trash would create even more dangers than the debris that is already present. The debris can interfere with satellites, and we don't know what will eventually happen as it becomes more common. While it would be nice to find a better solution for Earth's garbage, it seems like it would be dangerous to send it out into orbit.

  • Respect. Is it still here?

    Respect.. Do us humans have it anymore? Dumping our trash, our garbage into space should be out of the question. We screwed up our planet enough, why shoot our issues away? Us humans need to find the solution to our own issue. Working together, doing studies, somehow we need to find a way to solve our own problem.

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