No matter how much I do not want to admit it, creatures eating other creatures is a way of life. I myself have chosen not to eat animals, but if everyone went vegetarian, the world would become extremely overpopulated and everyone would be miserable. The food chain really does make the world go round.

  • We should eat animals

    People are essentially animals. Throughout history organisms have eaten each other as a method of survival. Humans are no different, we must eat animals for the essential nutrients they provide. We require energy and meat gives us just that.Our ancestors have eaten meat four thousands of years, starting with the most primitive humans.

  • Vegetarianism is pointless

    If you don't eat meat, it doesn't bring the animal back to life. If your friend had made a big lasagne, and decide not to eat it as you are a vegetarian, the animal used for the meat in the lasagne is still dead, so if you aren't going to eat it, it makes that animal's death a complete waste!

  • Meat Is The Best

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  • We need to survive

    If we do not eat eat, we will not get daily protein. People might eat Tofu, but it lacks the juicy flavor. Even though we are killing animals that we need for other recourses, like cows for milk, we need to be able to eat our craved meat. Some humans might feel terrible for the animals, so they become vegan or vegetarian. We must have our daily meats!

  • Billy joe bob

    I think we should eat meat . The reason I think that is because we are already fat. If we eat only vegetables the fat people will gorge themselves wth hamburgers and gain more weight. Also we should be able to enjoy a steak or chicken once in a while.

  • Bob joe feank

    Meat is a great food and I think all Americans can eat meat because we are fat anyways so what would be the point of eating vegetables when we are already fat enough. Even though people want to be skinny what if you are already fat so that is why I think we should eat meat

  • We can live without meat

    I'm just saying animals around the world getting abused and it's sad we can live without eating animals for food. There are plant-based proteinslike peanut butter and tofu. If so in my defense, I suggest we all grill a veggie burger next time. I think everybody should be vegetarian because it can save the planet and the animals. Think of all the animals suffering in cages andhave no room to spread their wings right now. Therefore we are partaking and killing innocent animals for the sake of our appetites and to act so is pitiful

  • The food chain.

    Yes! I could see how people could disagree on this but I think that we should eat meat. Because sometimes lions eat humans too. It's nature at work, but I also think we should be sparing with that meat and only make and buy what we need, but then again thinking about the chicken in your sandwich on medications isn't very nice.

  • God created animals for us to eat so why we should'nt

    Yes i think that we should eat animals because god created animals for us to eat to give us energy and people on that subject take it to a whole other level its because they don't like it or they think its cruel but its not because god didn't created animal for it to satay there god created for us to eat and for the vegetarian out there its okay if you don't eat animals i understand that but that never stops other people from eating IT.

  • Eating animals harms our health, the environment and goes against our core ethics.

    Any well-educated doctor, dietitian or nutritionist will tell you that vegans have the longest life expectancy. Doesn't that cover the health question pretty well? Not to mention the fact that vegetarians and vegans on average score higher on an IQ test compared to omnivores. That would silence the discussion on how our brain capacity evolved to be greater than that of our great-ape common ancestor. We now know that it wasn't so much "hunter-gatherer" as it was "gatherer-hunter". Meaning we ate more nuts and berries than we did buffalo and birds.

    As for the environment, it is pretty clear that the westernized animal-based diet is 100% unsustainable. Animal agriculture is responsible for being the #1 cause of species extinction, deforestation, ocean dead zones, climate change, drought and world hunger. Basically eating animals hurts the land, water, air and ourselves.

    As far as ethics go, all I have to say is that there is a reason that a child needs to be taught not to cry when learning to kill an animal for food. If it was true for our species to hunt and kill for food, than we wouldn't have to be so thoroughly conditioned to be able to mentally and emotionally handle the act of killing. A lion cub doesn't cry when it's mother kills a gazelle, it is happy to join in the killing. We feel nauseous at the thought of eating fresh road kill, while a coyote salivates (coyotes are categorized as "omnivores" FYI). We have to freeze or cook animal flesh in order to ingest it and not have a terrible, and sometimes life threatening reaction to it.

    If we want to walk the walk, and be this great species that we claim to be, we have to cut the shit and do away with eating animals. We have to bring this discussion into the light of what it really is, which is the exact same as an anti-slavery advocate arguing with a slave owner. It's wrong and we all know it. There are zero arguments left on the side of the slave owner .. Oops! I mean animal eater, except for the fact that "but i'm addicted." and "it just tastes so good." That's it, that's all you've got people.

  • People who support eat meat lack moral fibre

    All the supporting arguments for eating meat is provided because of desperate reason to justify eating meat. I am confident that eating meat will be viewed very negatively in the future (may be far in the future). The perception of eating meat will change just like how view points of slavery, women's right, gay rights and others changed because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

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  • No, We Should Not

    No, we should not eat animals. It has been scientifically proven that eating too much red meat is bad for us. Most livestock receives antibiotics, a form of growth hormone and their feed corn is genetically modified. We really are not sure any more what is in the meat we eat. As a species, we would be healthier if our diets consisted of fruit, vegetables and fish – and that would also put an end to the barbaric and cruel methods we use to euthanize animals for food.

  • Só não quero comer carne

    Eu não tenho que explicar o motivo de não comer carne. Eu não quero, não sinto falta de proteína (uma vez que plantas e fungos podem oferecer isso) e, portanto, não como. Não vou lhe julgar se você gosta de carne, mas quero que você respeite minha decisão de não comer. Tenho MUITOS argumentos pra ter aderido a uma dieta vegana, mas eles podem ser encontrados com uma simples pesquisa no Google, que vão desde o tratamento violento encontrado no abate dos animais até o efeito que o consumo de carne e seus derivados causam ao meio ambiente. E, não, não vou escrever um texto em inglês. Desculpem.

  • We dont need to eat meat its a urban mith about iron etc we need to all get along 😊

    I believe that where all ment to get along not us and them we should be as one my belief is that the cows provide milk the chooks provide the eggs sheep provide there wool like I said as one we help each other, there's a saying I say that everything in the ground is provided for us everything above the ground is us. I believe we all got along years and years ago but something happen I'm not sure on what but we have drifted apart the only difference between them and us is they cant talk all they want is the same as us love. I'm a believer in if the shoe was on the other foot would u like it' and the answer most of time is no. Blessings to all love and light Michael! ! ☺

  • It is the logical and moral tying to do.

    What we feed livestock is grown. It takes 16 pounds of plant based food to produce one pound of meat. We would be much more efficient to eat the plants and grain than to feed it to an organism and kill it once it's large enough.
    Logic is also that plants are better for the environment as they produce the oxygen we need to survive. Mass farming produces CO2, and methane gas. This contributes to a number of atmospheric related problems.
    Though many of you seem to think we would need more farms if all were to start eating plants, I can assure you that is not the case. We would need less farms because we wouldn't have to grow food for all those animals, only ourselves.
    Another problem is disease. Animals host a number of diseases that can be passed on to humans who consume it. That isn't to say plants don't have diseases also, but they seldom affect humans.
    There also is the subject of morality. Humans are very interesting in that we make laws against murdering one another, cannabalism, and harassment while those sort of things happen in the animal kingdom all the time. Why do so many of U.S. want to relate back to animalistic primal instincts? We are not lions or these untamed beasts that have such desire to eat meat. We do not need meat to survive. There was a time when humans or human like ancestors did need meat to survive winters, but we have since become more civilized. Due to trade, nutrition can be sustained all year round.
    I also see the argument that if everyone because vegetarian animals would take over the world? You must ask yourself why are there so many animals in the world? It is because we breed them to massive populations in order to feed those of you who would like to have chicken nuggets for a buck or two? Yes. There would most likely be a smaller population of animals in that future because we won't breed them anymore.
    Also, for the meat tastes good argument, have you had vegetarian junk food? Falafel for example. Also there are faux sausages and meats that are getting to taste better and better the more people become vegetarians. With a larger vegetarian population, there would be a higher demeaned for tasty, golden fried plant based snacks. It isn't all just raw tofu and grass.
    Finally i see the bible argument, God made animals so that we could eat them. While you may choose the line that justifies animals consumption another may choose "thou shalt not kill."
    Yes, being a vegatarian can be a pain, but you see that little vegetarian section of the menu when you out? That section will only get bigger and bigger as more and more people make the transition.
    So put down that pork hot dog because it was once a creature even smarter than your dog and just as worthy of your love.

  • Learn basic science

    Our bodies don't need meat to survive, our bodies need PROTEIN to survive. Protein is super high in loads of plant sources. Literally every argument on the opposing side has "the taste" as the main reason to support eating meat. It just doesn't seem logical. We are not biologically designed to hunt and our teeth prove us to be herbivores. Not to mention, you won't find someone getting food poisoning from eating fruits or vegetables...

    We are not lions, we are not genetically carnivores, we don't need animal protein, and it just doesn't make any rational sense to kill and eat the burnt, rotting flesh of a living, breathing, sentient being that cries, loves, gives birth, and has an array of emotions just as humans do.

  • Oh my gosh.

    No! Especially since they are treated very poorly in the industries we buy them from. You can get fiber from nuts, so that is a poor argument. I love how people have their dogs and cats but would never eat them. Animals have feelings too. We have just grown up to be ungrateful, and all we want is "yummm that's a good burger!" We don't see how they are treated, for god's sake they cant even talk to express their feelings and we have taken advantage of that.

  • We didn't need it!

    We don't need to eat animals to survive. People love to eat meat because they are delicious. But that will make most of the animals become endanger and we can't eat meat ever forever! Do you want this? If not, do it now! All the animals are waiting for you!

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