Should we eat fast food: Does fast food offer value for money?

  • Fast food offers value for money.

    Fast food is a good option for people who want to eat delicious food but do not have the time to wait at a fancy restaurant or to cook it themselves. Although it's not always very healthy, it can still be part of a healthy diet. Also, it's a person's choice whether they want to eat healthy foods or if they want to eat things that taste good.

  • Fast Food is Not Value for the Money

    Although delicious and unhealthy, fast food does not offer equal value for the money. "Extra Value Meals" offer a sandwich, a side, and a soft drink for a "reasonable" price, but if you order the sandwich separately, the cost is typically two-thirds of the meal price. Some individuals would rather just order the sandwich rather than the entire meal, which could be healthier because the individual consumes fewer calories. Fast food restaurants promote consumption of their products through offering value meals which are not valuable for the amount of money. Generally, the quality of the food varies and it is definitely not a healthy option.

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