Should we eat fast food: Is eating in fast food restaurants practical?

  • Yes, fast food is simply nutrient dense

    Fast food has come under the scrutiny of many for no reason other than the fact that those who are addicted to it become very unhealthy very quickly. The fact is that fast food is the same as any other food, it's just more nutrient dense and a lot more addicting. Eating fast food in moderation is a very practical habit and does not bring about many unhealthy consequences.

  • Nothing is More Practical than Fast Food Restaurants

    While fast food is known to be unhealthy, there's nothing impractical about eating in these restaurants. Businesses are required to keep their facilities clean and free from harmful substances. A consumer that will eat fast food no matter what brings no additional harm to themselves by eating in one of these establishments.

  • Fast Food Scares Me SO Much.

    It's killing people! Making them obese, giving them e-coli, mad cow disease, etc. I've studied this fools food and I hate it. It used to be my favorite thing and now it's a nightmare. R.I.P. Johnny. < He died from e-coli. Shame. I hate all of these places. . .

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