Should we eat fast food: Is fast food the primary cause of America's obesity epidemic?

  • Fast food should be made with natural ingredients.

    Fast food chains usually also claim that their meat is "100% Natural" But what really is in that beef patty or fried chicken? In chicken, the major pollutants are about 35% guts and 17% ground up bone.
    In beef, they use cattle which are sickly, filthy , and have been slaughtered who-knows-where.

  • Unhealthy eating is rampant

    Fast food is only one thing in a long list of items that are contributing to our nations obesity epidemic. Mainly, the amount of processed foods we eat is unbelievable and we tend to not eat natural items at all. The mindset of overeating and eating poor dietary habits has also contributed to obesity numbers.

  • We Need to Shape Up.

    In our country, the family unit has disintegrated and people have extremely unhealthy eating habits. It's too easy to grab a quick bite at your local fast food chain. Citizens with demanding schedules don't always have time to sit and enjoy a family meal. These bad habits have directly led to the obesity epidemic that is plaguing our country. Fast food needs to get healthier or we should put those companies out of business.

  • Fastfood is great

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