• Genetically tested animals are good!

    When we eat genetically "tested" animals, its tested! Meanwhile, if we eat normal, "regular" chicken and such, it is maybe not as sage or something. It is very vital to keep safety in a bag, and not get food poisoning! Thus supports that genetically tested animals are safe to be eaten.

  • Original is better then Chemical

    In my opinion, i would much rather eat less meat then to eat meat that has chemicals that may harm you. It may taste better and be more of it if there is chemicals in it but i would rather have less of the meat. In history, our ancestors ate meat without chemicals in it. They fed the animals with original crops and seeds. Its also unfair for animals to be tested. Animals are meant to eat and live normally without chemical affect them. So my opinion is that i would rather eat meat from animals that have not been tested.

  • We are eating these chemicals!

    By eating these animals, we are eating the chemicals that have been put into these animals. These chemicals are not what we have been eating for the past thousands of years. Also, the chemicals are really only meant for speeding up the growth process so they can meet up the demand, not to stop food poison. I base my reasoning on documentaries Food Inc, Forks over Knives and many other movies.

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