• We should definitely eat meat

    Because it is the biggest provider of food and protein, our ancestors lived on almost nothing but meat. We can't live without meat and if we tried we just wouldn't get enough protein from the alternatives to meat. Protein is useful because it supports muscle growth and you need a lot to help muscle growth.

  • Yes, People Should Eat Meat

    People should eat meat if they so desire. Whether or not a person consumes meat should be a personal choice. Given recent studies and outbreaks that have shown that eating meat may not be the healthiest choice for one to consume, it would seem that eating meat may not be 100% safe. However, nothing is 100% safe, life is short, and tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. Therefore, people should eat meat if it brings them pleasure. Smart people should just be careful about how much meat they consume and cognizant of their meat sources.

  • No we shouldn't eat meat

    Consider this
    If we eat meat then we kill animals right? Then herbivore will over populated because there are no carnivorous to hunt them.And if we let that happen herbivore will keep eating vegetable and we won't have vegetables to eat and eventually we will die
    So we shouldn't eat animals because we will kill both carnivorous and human
    The best way is to keep them balance

  • OF course we need protein

    Meat is part of a balanced diet. Don't listen to the people who say no. Vegetarian meals like tofurkey contains many chemicals that make it taste like meat. Real meat has more protein and helps us live. We are like carnivores. It is part of surviving. We kill to survive we cant use vegetables as energy but it doesn't mean you have to eat meat all day. Vegetables are still part of a balanced diet so Make sure you eat both meat, vegetables, fruit, and other protein food. So killing is necessary

  • Keep calm k

    They tasre good I like it u like it is in kfc and mcdonalds so it is perfectly fine so keep calm eat meat slauter them as they give us protein and a balanced argument so just keep calm eat meat and slaughter edible animals they taste very very very nice

  • Yes, we should eat meat.

    Humans should eat meat because it is a part of our diet. It is the easiest and most natural way to get protein. If you want to put those protein shakes in your body, go right ahead. Meat tastes great and is a great way to get protein. As long as you don't eat too much red meat, you will be fine!

  • Humans Have Been Omnivores for Millenia

    Humans have been omnivores since we were cavemen. Humans should eat meat as part of the highest-level predator system on Earth. Eating meat helps control animal populations, allows humans to survive in harsh conditions and is simply a part of who we are. Eating meat is a choice, but humans, as part of a natural ecosystem, should eat meat in addition to plant material.

  • We do need meat

    Because meat provides protein which helps our muscles improve. Meat is some people's favorite foods like for me I like bacon. Vegetarians don't have to eat meat but we don't have to stop eating meat. Some meat, like sushi can include vegetables. Some people might be allergic to meat even though it is healthy for us. Meat is the cure for vegetarians.

  • Yes. It is much needed.

    In the Bible God states that he made meat clean for all to eat. Our ancestors lived solely off meat for millions of years and were strong, healthy individuals. We need to eat meat for good protein for our muscles and our bones to stay healthy. Why stop eating meat now?

  • Yes! We should eat meat

    ( please read and imagine an British girl speaking ) Eating meat is essential. If we don't eat meat we'll have a deficiency in several essential vitamins!!! Carnosine, Creatine, DHA, and EPA. Also that risk they all keep saying how it can increase cardiovascular disease and diabetes is not true! It's only true if it's processed meat. I know that I have chickens back home and I'm as healthy as can be.

  • Animals Have Feelings Too

    Humans should not eat meat. We do not need to kill a defenseless animal to get protein so why should we. Beans, eggs, ad peanut butter are other ways to get a good source of protein that do not involve killing. The next time you are tearing into a steak, think about the cow it came from and it might not taste as good.

  • Meat is murder

    Just think about it, eating meant is like eating a live chicken. If there was a chicken right next to you that was living you would eat it. I know that because if you are eating a dead chicken it is the same thing. Imagine if cows went around the world eating humans. You would say that is bad but it is the same as eating a human, Meat is murder. I don't think you know this but if you become a vegetarian you can save 7 animals lives a year. I used to be a meat lover but i have put myself on a no meat diet because I am not a murderer

  • Of course not

    Animals are sentient beings. They have their own conscious lives, their own thoughts, feelings and emotions and they're innocence and basic desire to live on the earth means that we should respect their right to not be used as property. They're our brothers and sisters of this planet. We all share the world.

  • Humans are to cruel

    I mean seriously its one thing to go out and kill you're own live beings, but to put another species (ANY species) and say that it is below you and is not equal, is cruel and very nasty. WE as humans don't need meat in fact it actually hurts our body more than helps. Not to mention the meat industry is a very cruel human invention that must be stopped i for one have been vegetarian my whole life and i just turned vegan three moths ago IM 12 YEARS OLD we are the product of a billion something years of evolution ACT LIKE IT

  • We don't really have a right

    Look, let's forget about all the "humans are at the top of the fucking world" bullshit. We may be the most developed, but that does not give us any right to end the life of another individual for our own entertainment. The argument would be different if we needed to kill to live. We don't. My logic is, if I don't need to kill something that wants to live, then why end its life. I don't have the right, life is a precious thing that God granted us, and we shouldn't just take it and throw it out like it is nothing. Animals are tortured, exploited, killed, poisoned, disfigured, mocked, and so much more just for our own pleasure. This is just my view on the issue.

  • We don't need it

    If we can survive without harming animals, why not? You can get the protein you need from many different food items, such as black beans, quinoa, and nuts. Animals can feel pain, they develop strong family bonds, and they mourn the loss of their loved ones. If we don't eat humans, we should not eat animals.

  • Think of Nature

    Think about it. We can still use animals for many of their other products but slaughtering them for the world is inefficient. They use land which could be useful to the world for other things. Fatty meats give you high cholesterol which is very unhealthy. Meat can be substituted for other things so easily.

  • You should not eat meat

    Humans can survive without meat so why do we waste life? The meat industry causes endless amounts of pollution and because of our high meat intake England and America are some of the fattest countries. Meat eaters have a higher chance of getting bowel cancer and diabetes. Vegetarians on average live around 20% longer than meat eaters. We destroy animals habitats then we kill them, is this really ethical?

  • Stop killing innocent animals

    Animals can feel the pain involved in their killing. Just beacuse they are mute and cannot defend themselves that does not mean that humans should slaughter them inhumanely. Animals go through a lot of pain and suffering which humans being an intelligent species can certainly prevent. Please stop their killing

  • Ask yourself if this is right

    We slaughter animals daily. We are killing millions of animals and for what cause? Humans can easily survive without eating meat, and for that matter being vegetarian is healthier for your body. Animals feel as much pain as we do, so why are we tochering them? They have feelings and families as well.

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Paddleman says2018-09-22T19:55:57.583
It's very difficult to have any sense of objectivity from the anti-meat crowd, Since most of their argument is just simply anti most everything. Some of them are concerned about cow gases --? All that messy methane you k now. I can almost get along with the vegetarian thing, Other than the fact that you have to go along without meat. But the vegan thing just crosses the line into insanity, And can't really be accommodated by any person who craves a normal human diet. We do have a digestive system that is based on digesting meat, Not just plants. We may eat cows, But we aren't cows. And just like a I argued in freshman semester debate class 40 years ago against the scrawny, Malnourished, Pasty white kid, You really have to work at it to get complete, Muscle building proteins from mere veggies. . . Then I flexed at him and he crumpled. And let's face it, Animals aren't contemplative about their lives. In a very bovine way, Cows enjoy life, Right up until the moment they can't. I am not all that familiar with how they are killed, But I would hesitate to believe any of the mostly garbage that the anti-meat crowd rants about. We also don't eat our pets, Which animals that are bred to feed us most absolutely are not. 'Humans are cruel, We are committing murder. . ' blah blah. . . I mean seriously? How about all the murder you are committing with your plant based diet? All those acres of crushed rabbits and mice and moles and snakes and other animals, Just so you can grow potatoes and broccoli. ANd what do you fertilize all those plants with? Certainly not the nonexistent cow poop! I absolutely believe that lambs and beef cows should be killed as cleanly and painlessly as possible, After they've enjoyed a life of easy grazing and eating their full at human expense.