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  • People should not eliminate prisons

    People should not eliminate prisons because people needed to understand what they did wrong and what they should do in the future when they can go out of prison.They also need to remember they should not do it again or they will ned to go to prison again also they should not do it again

  • Prisons Needed for the Violent

    No, all prisons should not be eliminated. Violent offenders must be kept away from the rest of the populace for the safety of the populace. To allow these offenders back into the general populace would be incredibly dangerous. Thus, there is absolutely no reason at all that prisons should be eliminated.

  • How could this even be an idea?

    I understand that prisons are becoming overpopulated. I understand that prisons are expensive to run. But the solution is certainly not releasing criminals back into the general population. How can we justify releasing murderers back into society. Citizens deserve to feel safe when walking out their door. Eliminating prisons would definitely make people worry about the possibility of violent individuals roaming the streets. If there is anything that should be discussed, it should be the sentencing guidelines for non violent crimes.

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