Should we eliminate internet data mining and take back our privacy

  • The internet is extremely corrupt

    You want to know why I use Duckduckgo, When I could use google, Which gives better results? It is because I value my privacy. Internet mining should definitely be illegal. Collecting information from people is basically a form of stalking, And if stalking is illegal then why isn't internet mining?

  • Yeah it should

    All calls are recorded, Every second you spend on the internet is recorded and anything can be leaked on you at any time and then guess what? You’re exposed out there to the ENTIRE WORLD! Laws won’t work on datamining because lawmakers don’t understand technology and get circumvented by technical terms which is why identity theft and home eviction theft are up.

  • Internet Search Engines Rely on Indexing

    Data, Normally text articles is indexed into search engines so people can easily search these indexes and find information. When you search google or duckduckgo (that being a frontend to google and bing) you searching this index.

    The question of unethical data collection. Suchas a person contacts via an general app without asking a user for permission.

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