• f**k New Jersey

    Bitch ass cunt douche bag state. Just take all of the worlds nukes and drop them on New Jersey. Every time i see a new jerseyin i round house kick them until they r dead because other wise they will infect others, Do u want to live in the same world as someone who wears sunglasses in the dark?

  • Why Should New Jersey be Eliminated?

    Why should New Jersey be eliminated from the United States? Without New Jersey, The US flag would need to be changed (because the stars on the flag represent the 50 states and New Jersey is part of that) and many people would lose their homes. If someone can give me an answer that makes sense, Maybe I will agree.

  • Why in the hell?

    Wtf is this bullshit i mean what did thy do to us give me a comment need to take up room so sorry rgt fgrvf rgvb dsjngfhxhnvfjvnbh fcnxm fnv fnv cvnj dknnv nijfenvk fmdofkedn mvjn jfnjv fkmvfewnjv smxmefwnvs nv bfnvj fckvjn fmfvnj fkevnb fn bdfmvdkwfecn mdwencjv fden fsdme dkmn sc

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