• To Each Is Own

    We often talk about how the government is always trying to take our freedoms away. Here is an example of a lifestyle many people seem to disapprove of. Just let these groups do their own thing, as long as they are not breaking any laws. People do not have to embrace, but just be tolerant of different lifestyle choices.

  • Sexual Openess and Equality Leads to Societal Openess and Equality

    As our society finally opens and realizes that homosexuality is not contagious, nor is it necessarily any more an immoral lifestyle than being heterosexual it is only natural that this question is now before us. There is substantial research that points to the idea that the human race is not naturally monogamous, and that bisexuality and homosexuality are no more "unnatural" than heterosexuality. Accepting that different people have different desires and that these desires are part of a healthy sex life - which leads to a healthy life will be beneficial not only to those who chose this lifestyle, but to society.

  • Yes, I think that we should accept groups that encourage swingers of all sexual preferences.

    I believe that we should definitely embrace groups that promote swingers of all sexual preferences and groups. As long as a person is of age and consents to a sexual activity who has any right to tell them they can't. As long as they are not hurting anyone they should be free to do as they like. It's America isn't it? Anyway sexuality is a pretty natural thing some people are just very conservative and I'm not one of them.

  • No, we shouldn't embrace groups that encourage swinging of any sort.

    I do not see any reason why any groups who embrace bisexual/single swinging should be embraced. I do not think these groups should be condemned each other. What other people do in their personal lives should not be a concern to the public. As long as nothing illegal is going on, I couldn't care less.

  • We Embrace Groups

    I personally think that Modern society has eroded the healthy foundations of normal family groups through its acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles such as swinging and swingers. What mainstream society needs is to accept and maintain is core nuclear family values. This promotes stability, ideas of loyalty, belonging and commitment, the exact opposite of swinging and the activity swingers engage in.

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