Should we embrace the commercial planting of GM crops?

  • More food for less

    GMO farm production is 15% higher comparing to an organic farm.
    GMOs help farmers to deliver more environmental friendly farming practices, allowing farmers to grow more crops on less land while using fewer pesticides and less water.
    According to the United Nations, by 2050, the global population is expected be around 9-10 billion. Experts believe we will need 70% more agricultural production to keep on track – utilizing GMO crops that increase productivity while reducing land, water and pesticide use will be critical to this achievement.

  • GM increases crop yields at a time when we most need them.

    As desertification increases and the world population also increases there is therefore a decreasing availability of food with which to feed everyone. Genetically modified crops enable us to improve yields of crops and reduce the use of fertilisers and pesticides as well as allowing farmers to utilise land that otherwise would be too dry, too hot or too salty to grow crops.

  • Genetically Modified foods are perfect.

    Science and a modern progressive researches offer a immense possibilities and we should gain and use them. GM Crops are not unhealthy nor poisonous. GM offers great chance to grow the plants, where it was impossible before. We can simply change the plats the way we want or neet which is fantastic. I admit, it appears to be immoral, because it is contrary to the nature. On the other hand, we can grow the plants which normally do not have enough vitamins with enormous quantity of vitamins. So, I am convinced that GM foods or crops are not so wrong.

  • Yes, we should embrace the commercial planting of GM crops. GM crops will assist in feeding the world population.

    We should support the commercial planting of GM crops because our ability to feed the world population is diminishing. There are more people on the planet than there is food to feed them so new resources must be considered. There are risks to GM crops and research suggest there are still many unknowns about how healthy GM crops are compared to naturally produced crops, however GM crops are better than letting groups of people starve.

  • Yes, we should embrace the commercial planting of GM crops.

    Yes, I believe that we should embrace the commercial planting of genetically modified crops. Regular crops often cannot grow well when conditions are not ideal, which not only hurts the farmers of these crops, but also the consumers who see a spike in prices of certain foods. Genetically modified foods can also be used help feed the poor in countries where hunger is a severe problem.

  • Genetically Modified Foods Here to Stay

    Genetically modified foods are here to stay. Higher yields and bug-resistant plants make for more crops and more food for humans. Commercial planting can test the viability of long-term usage of genetically modified crops. Consumers should embrace large-scale plantings of genetically modified crops since the science behind them is here to stay. We can't undo the science and agriculture behind them, just like humans can't disinvent nuclear power.

  • No we shouldn't

    We should not embrace the commercialization of our agriculture whatsoever. Nor should we allow groups like GM to do this. Agriculture should be held in the commons and should not succumb to commercialization which has caused so many problems with our food supply and the unequal distribution of food around the world.

  • No of course NOT!!!

    Well your wondering well is it healthy to eat GM foods. NO!!! They are hazard's to peoples health and can actually create allergies that would not normally occur in natural produce! So why are restaurants around the country banning GM?!! Even other countries are putting restrictions on GM or even banning it! I guess GM is just to hard to get rid of the U.S. Why do the GM companies hide from the public, like there doing something wrong!! They even convinced the U.S. To not label if products contain GM. How am I supposed to stay safe!! What will the future of the foods we love be!!!

  • GM's Are Bad on Many Level

    GM crops reduce the number of species of crops. GM's allow companies like Monsanto to have a monopoly on the farming industry and consequently run non-GM crop users out of business. GM crops are also not proven safe for human consumption, so why should we eat them? Europe doesn't.

  • GM Crops are not proven safe for human consumption.

    Introduction of GM crops will result in unsustainable agriculture,we will have to depend, for seeds on foreign companies. In other words, the livelihood of most of our population which depends on agriculture, will be at stake, as foreign companies will monopolize agriculture in our country. Further more GM food crops are still not proven safe for human consumption. So I say a Big "NO to the introduction of GM crops.

  • GM is an extension of chemical agriculture and will not solve any problems , be it world hunger, poverty or climate change.

    A Washington state study has found that since the introduction of GM crops in 1996 herbicide use has increased by 527 million pounds. GM crops is thus only an extension of chemical agriculture and in no way can be considered sustainable. GM crops will not solve world hunger as its major cause is poverty not the lack of food (poor distribution is another factor). After decades and million spent on R&D no GM crops that is more nutritious than its non GM counterpart has been commercially released. Perhaps these resources(money and time) put to better use can actually solve hunger and poverty! In a number of cases traditionally bred varieties have outperformed GM crops in case of drought ect. The problems of the future used by the GM industry as a major selling point can be met by existing traditional techniques, techniques that do not pose similar and unknown risks.

  • Its going to be stupid!

    There are a thousand reasons why we should not go ahead with GM crops and those who think that we should are either ill informed or have vested interests. Employees of companies like Monsanto would always support it however that should remain a small number as compared to the ones who do not.

  • Common sense

    Why do we think we can mess with people's food without informing, and/or letting them know what we're doing. How can we seriously think that something like this is safe wthout proper research and thought? If MNCs can pull something like this off, what kind of future would we have? Think about it!

  • Never!

    Mahatma Gandhi had once said - Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed ! It is aptly fit for GM crops. Today's scientist and in fact everyone is running after money ! For their own personal greed and ego, they would go to any length to dupe others ! GM is such technology where independent research has been stifled and the petitioner has himself assumed the role of the judge of his technology ! Hence it should never be commercialized!

  • People starve due to poverty

    Millions go to bed hungry not because food is not available to them, because they either dont have money or the distribution system is not efficient. We have several reports of grains rotting away in granaries but not reaching the needy.
    Research has shown higher instances of tumor on lab rats fed on GM crops than regular food.
    There are also several reports of yield failures coming out in the open. Organic farming is not just sustainable but also profitable to farmers and the economy in the long run.
    Just because we started on something which has proven to be wrong doesnt mean we have to continue on that path.

  • NO Way!

    Do not choose quantity over quality. Even if we have to cut down the amount we use its fine rather than cutting our lives short just to have artificially created products in huge amounts. Say no to the Aliens! We should respect Life and the evolutionary process and hence should not try to manipulate it.

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