• It would break down barriers.

    All schools have uniforms but in a different form. I am sure you noticed that the students tend to form cliques. Jocks, nerds, preps, goths, and so on. Each of these groups tend to have similar ways of dressing. This dress code includes you in a group and also restricts others from approach. If all the kids where to wear the same type of clothing, this would erase visual barriers and encourage unity within the school. You would not have to use they typical blazer and slacks/skirt, you could use a more simple dress code like jeans or dress slacks and a dress shirt.
    I do agree with something crashbreaka said. "School should start and end with learning, nothing more or less." We should get rid of any non-educational courses or programs. School should be about learning the important things, not about art, music, sports teams, or any of those other distractions. Students could use the extra hours each day doing homework and studying instead of having to take it home. If they are confused about what they are learning, it would be easier to get the answers from a teacher than their parents. Without the need for extra equipment like band instruments, art supplies, and such, the parent or school could easily afford the expense of school uniforms.

  • Uniforms give a sense of equality and discipline

    Uniforms give children a sense of equality. If everyone were to wear the same thing, no one would be judged based upon their style or price of clothing. This indeed takes out the pressure of wearing different clothes, and makes every student equal.

    School uniforms also gives the school pride and uniformity. Every student wearing the same clothing unites the school as one, and shows pride of the school. It is what differentiates the school from other schools.

    Finally, school uniforms gives students discipline. Children who are made to wear uniforms are deprived from wearing innapropriate clothing. Also, uniforms are smart and make the students look more formal.

  • Uniform give us identity.

    Uniform is the identity of students of the particular school. Because of this when someone trapped in danger situation like vehicle accident then he or she will be recognised by his or her school uniform. Moreover, students also scared to do mischievous activities if they wear school uniform they have fear what if someone know them and tell their parents.

    So, it is good for the school, students and also for parents.

  • School is a place where kids become loose from their parents and it is up to the schools to maintain self-discipline among students.

    School is a place where kids become loose from their parents and it is up to the schools to maintain self-discipline among students. It isn't a place where people should prostitute themselves to others by dressing suggestively. School uniforms will also stop children from wearing types of clothes that are influenced by celebrities that dress provocatively and promote sex, drugs, and money. Sex terrorists is what I like to call those celebrities (Miley Cyrus for instance).

  • Yes and no.

    I think uniforms are a good to a certain extent.

    Having gone to a school with uniforms, aside from me hating the colors and how picky the teachers were, the biggest issue my family faced was finding affordable clothes that were of the proper color and style chosen by the school and in my size (I hit puberty early and got tall really quick) eventually I wound up with two pairs of pants and 3 shirts (that's all we could find locally)

    So when it comes to uniforms I think that it should just be a requirement that they dress in a casual/semi-casual manner instead of street clothes.

    This allows enough freedom for the student to be creative with their outfits but allows for a more professional environment.

    Posted by: Riah
  • School uniforms do nothing to increase the success of students. Statistically.

    To the argument that school uniforms promote learning, I say this. New Orleans has the highest rate of school uniforms in public schools by city in the US at a shocking 95% (http://www.Statisticbrain.Com/school-uniform-statistics/). Their high school graduation rate is 72.3%, meaning over a quarter of students don't graduate high school (http://www.Nola.Com/education/index.Ssf/2013/04/state_posts_record-high_gradua.Html), the US average is 88%. The entire state of Virginia, which has the lowest rate of public school uniforms in the country(http://wiki.Answers.Com/Q/What_state_has_the_lowest_percentage_of_public_schools_requiring_uniforms?#slide=2), graduates 89% of their students, a full percentage point over the national average! (http://www.Doe.Virginia.Gov/statistics_reports/graduation_completion/cohort_reports/). This has apparently little to do with public school funding either, since Virginia spends $5631 per student of combined state and federal funding, and Louisiana spends $7390 per student. So clearly, the uniforms do not assist in any positive way.
    Further, when you deny children the ability to test what is and is not appropriate to wear in a safe setting like school, where consequences for failure are far more limited and short lasting than in adulthood, you set them up to make those mistakes as adults, when they could really have a chance to permanently affect their lives in a bad way.

  • The student has a right.

    The student has a right to express themselves the way they want to, as long they don't infringe on the schools conduct. It's a waste of money, and doesn't tie into a students academic performance, (contrary to belief) It ruins the individuality that most schools want you to be. If anything, school uniforms should be optional.

    Posted by: iOS
  • Many arguments in favor are bad.

    First off, the idea that it lowers bullying is false; almost all of what kids are bullied for has nothing to do with clothing anymore. Even dressing suggestively: kids are from an early age mature enough not to bone some random person out of nowhere for what they're wearing. Second thing, school pride isn't necessarily a good thing; when you go to college with people from different high schools or work with people from different colleges, you have to put it aside and work together. The arguments against, freedom and waste of resources, though, are perfectly sound.

  • I don't think so.

    It's a completely waste of money for something that contributes nothing to education. I can't believe my parents wasted so much money for something so novel.

    School should start and end with learning, nothing more or less. This is exactly how tertiary education was for me, and I learned far more there than anywhere else.

  • It is a minor's right to decide what he or she will wear within reason.

    For some reason, parents often prefer to view their children as property instead of individuals. I argue that instead of deciding everything for your child, maybe you should let them have whatever individuality/autonomy that won't hurt them. When it comes down to it, instituting uniforms and deciding what a child will wear is not based upon the child's well being at all, but instead it is based upon control. There is no reason that you should deny your children the right to be able to decide what they will wear and how they will express themselves with their outer appearance.
    In fact, uniforms may stifle one of the most important aspect of a child's development: individuality. There is no question that when you force a group of people to all wear the exact same uniform, they lose a part of their individuality.
    Ultimately, uniforms break individuality, kill creativity, and dull critical thinking. We need to be educating a generation of students who can think creatively and autonomously, not a generation who only learns to obey arbitrary rules such as wearing uniforms.

  • It is not benifit

    I was born and live in the UK over here school uniforms are the norm we have days like the last day of term and Red nose day (a UK charity that do some really good work all over the world) I found that on the days that we were allowed to where our own clothes behavior went up I could learn more because I felt more comfortable. In a normal day when we had to where school uniform behavior went down learning went down really school uniforms are never good. Also they are really expensive badly made an uncomfortable just plan nasty for the kids.

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