• In the years to come, It will be the strongest, Fastest, Smartest people who come out on top.

    The human species selectively separates the wheat from the chaff as it stands already. It's only beneficial to encourage people with exceptional traits to reproduce with one another to advance the human species as a whole. In the process we would blend so many races together that racial discrimination would become a thing of the past, And we could further advance society with the increasingly intelligent children to help the disabled and less-able to gain abilities comparable and superior to the selectively bred children. It is, In my opinion, The duty of those who are superior to suffer duty in order to help those that are inferior to become their equals and relive them of their burdens.

  • Eugenics should only be based on improving the quality of life

    I think the Nazis gave eugenics a bad name. While killing in general is wrong editing DNA isn't. Eugenics should focus on the DNA of a future organism rather than killing the undesirables. Eugenics shouldn't be focused on killing but on editing unwanted DNA. This way we can eradicate many of the current genetic ailments that are hindering society and individuals. Eugenics needs to have its own rule book in order to prevent abuse by corporations and the government.

  • Stupid people breed the most.

    1. Because of civilization, medicine, and social welfare state, surviving has become much easier. We no longer have predators and diseases to thin the herding in any large numbers. Instead of survival of the fittest, we now have survival of the dumbest. It is stupid lazy people who are having the most kids, making the human race weaker.
    2. There are too many people already and it is not stopping. More people means more pollution and less resources and territory for other species.
    3. It is not about killing. The govt can provide incentives for sterilization and penalties for people having kids they can't afford. Of course the child would not be punished.

  • No, society should not encourage eugenics.

    The pseudo science of eugenics should not be morally or economically supported by anyone, as it is basically a fake set of beliefs that was used by racially minded people (such as the Nazis) to justify immoral and evil treatment of other human beings that were labeled as inferior. This is the natural consequence of eugenics, and it should not be encouraged.

  • We should not encourage eugenics.

    We should not encourage eugenics. Eugenics is the belief and practice of improving the genetic quality of the human population. I think that it is wrong to try to control the type of people that are born into our society. I think that we should just continue to populate like we always have.

  • No, this is sick.

    No, I don't think that we should encourage Eugenics. I think this ideal, which is not new is really weird and doesn't deserve any attention. We shouldn't be able to decide who has the right to create life and who cant. If this were to happen half the people on earth wouldn't have been born.

  • No, it is a bad idea.

    Eugenics is not a great idea. It kind of denotes that humans should be bred as cows. People would be killed for being unsuitable. There is no reason to grow humans like live stock. An elitist society would form and the rich would be more entitled whereas the poor would be left even further behind based on genitic code. The world would fall apart.

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