Should we encourage sikh hatred in the US?

Asked by: ark200
  • Yes, we should.

    More often than not, brown persons who wear turbans and long beards are usually terrorists. The men who--the men who knocked those buildings down had brown skin and wore turbans and beards. They were terrorist. Anyone who matches that description is likely a terrorist and should be condemned by society.

  • I being a sikh

    Knows it. I feel very sorry for those who say we are non racists but indeed idealize racism. There's so much distinction between sikhism and other religions. . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. ... . . . . . .. .

  • Of course not!!!

    I understand why many think that all people wearing turbans are terrorists, but that is just outrageous! If you do some research, you will find that Sikhs have actually helped America in the world war and are brave fighters. I am not just saying no because I am a Sikh myself, but because hatred is hurtful, especially when most people don't know anything about our culture and history. The best way to solve hatred is education, and I think if Americans were educated on other cultures and religions they don't know much about, they wouldn't make such assumptions. I am proud to say I am a Sikh, but I don't want people to tell me my father is a terrorist just because he has a turban (which has happened before.) So to all you haters, I know that NONE OF YOU would like it if your family was discriminated against just because they were 'different', and nobody, no matter what they look like, should be judged on the outside.

  • I'll rephrase it- should we encourage WHITE hatred in Asia?

    Does that sound "cool" to those saying YES? Arresting and Torturing white people in Asia? Yeah??.. Of course it doesn't seem RIGHT when WHITES are beheaded/ kidnapped/ tortured.. White, brown, black, yellow- it doesn't matter! We are all HUMAN BEINGS- Period. Right to Live and let live, people! They have families too. They have kids as well. Imagine your 2 year old watching you bleed to death in front of your eyes coz you were beaten by a bunch of white people for being brown/ wearing a turban/ being black. AND why would you encourage hatred in first place? What is this- the late 1700s?

  • Of course not

    Supporting hatred is ridiculous. You should encourage hatred in no circumstance, if hatred is to be felt, it should be felt without external influence; without people telling you what to feel.
    It's basically the same as propaganda to hate the Jews or the Japanese or the Germans. To hate is a decision that should only be made by an individual and probably should not normally be made at all.

  • My Best Friend is a Sikh

    I'm white, and my best friend is from Punjab. He's a great guy, and certainly no terrorist. In fact, it seems that if we encourage hatred of others that we have become the terrorists. Ultimately though, no group should be forced to contend with discrimination based on their ethnicity, color, orientation, etc. Because we're all equally human, and, thus, all equally valuable.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Hatred Should NEVER Be Encouraged ...

    It doesn't matter if we are talking about Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Gays, Race, etc. Hatred should never be encouraged. There is no good excuse for doing such a thing and no good can come from it.

    In America, we believe in religious freedom. If people are afraid, how can they worship freely? They cannot. Instead of even asking this question, Debate.Org should be asking: How Can We Encourage Religious Tolerance?

  • Why would anyone agree with this?

    Not every muslim is a terrorist. That is like saying every german is a nazi. It just isn't true. It's prejudice and racist, and it's just showing that you really don't care about other cultures or their ways. A majority of them are very peaceful and good natured people. Why you would ask this is beyond me.

  • Sikhs are not terrorist

    Sikhs are always targeted since 9/11. Osama died but Sikhs are always hated on the basis of suspicion of being a terrorist. The reason is ridiculous: they have turban and beard like Muslims. But turban and beard has nothing to do with terrorism. So this kind of torture must end at all cost.

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