• Yes We Should End It,

    We Should End Cyber Bullying.. Cause more and more children cry cause of what? Cause of Bullying From where? From Their Laptops & Computer (Etc.) Gadgets.. Cause If we don't end this problem this could lead to Suicide some children are Killing themselves and parents will be affected cause of the loss of their children.

  • Your going to die

    It's not a joke I have been there before. People want/will commit suicide if it's bad, they'll not love their self. Like being a nerd for an example, all you want to do, is to get good grades and past college but people think wrong of you because of that.

  • It is certain

    We should end it because now I am telling you who would want to have it happen to them. No cyberbullies would argue and say it is good to do it. Some times people don't even know they are getting bullied or some times the cyberbullies don't even know they are bullying

    so lets help end it

  • Yes of course, but it could be nearly impossible.

    We haven't even ended racism yet, bullying outside of cyber communication, terrorism, war, etc. So why should cyber bullying be any easier? Parents send their kids to school thinking it's enough, but from experience and popular knowledge, you won't learn important things like ethics or the meaning of life there.

  • Cause it helps people that have no friends

    What I am saying is that there are a lot of people who just like to mess with people like Amanda Todd and that was kind of funny. And old people might like little kids so yeah. And a joke; Why is Santa's sack so big? Cause he only comes once a year

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