• It does more harm than good.

    Daylight savings time is an old, old proposal to save fuel energy during war time. Maybe that was all well and good back in the WWI era that daylight savings time was contrived in; but today it is no longer logical nor does it save enough energy (if any) to be worthwhile.

    If that weren't enough, it is also bad for people's health. The springing forward and falling back every few months, messes with our normal circadian rhythm; and some studies suggest that it may even lead to more chronic and acute health problems such as heart attacks, and yes this uptick occurs when we lose the hour of sleep in the spring and "spring forward". Similarly, when we gain and hour of sleep and "fall back" in the fall, there is a decrease in these health issues.

    There have been further studies which have indicated productivity at work and negative economic impacts, as well as more accidents. The simple fact of the matter is, there really is no solid justifiable reason for us to be switching around twice a year to different times! Arizona and Hawaii are the only 2 states that have it right (to the best of my knowledge these are the only 2 states that don't participate in DST). Get rid of it!!!

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