• Animals will be left without homes

    If we carry on exploiting Antartica, All the animals, Including Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes, They will be left without any home, Which could mean that they become endangered or even extinct. Also, If we carry on exploiting Antartica, We will be messing with nature. It is not fair for us to do that.

  • Yes, we should.

    Antarctica is inhabitable for the most part and one of the few pristine areas of our planet left. We cannot keep exploiting it like we have done every other landmass on earth. We have seen the problems this has caused on a global scale, and to continue doing it in Antarctica would be disastrous.

  • Yes, we should end the exploitation of Antarctica.

    I think that we should end the exploitation of Antarctica. I think that it is important that people try to perserve such natural environments. If there is nothing significant to garner from the continent, then I think it is time people just leave the place alone. I think we need to focus on other issues.

  • It needs explored

    Antarctica is one of the last destinations on the planet earth, and as such it should be explored, maybe not exploited in the worst senses of the word. However there are resources and scientific potential in the area yet to be discovered. Science should explore this final frontier here on earth.

  • Could Be Oil There, Wind Power

    Exploitation in Antarctica should begin as soon as possible. There may be oil there and plenty of freshwater due to the ice covering the continent. With such fast winds that race across the South Pole, utilizing wind turbines for power can also be an option as the entire continent is uninhabited. Why not exploit the place?

  • We might find something.

    No, we should not end exploitation of Antarctica, because there are things there that can help us. Antarctica doesn't have people on it, because it is so cold, so there are not people that will be displaced if we exploit what is in Antarctica. But it can make us more wealthier and more secure.

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