• Yes but good luck.

    Rape has always been an act of war. It demasscanalises the males ability to protect or in the event of male to male rape de-mascanilizes the POW. It empowers the rapists and acts a vehicle of ethnic cleansing.

    How horrible we humans really are to each other. All nations use it as a weapon.

  • Rape is a horrible thing to do

    It's very saddening that at this age, soldiers still belittle the welfare of the civilians as low as to rape them. It's really terrible and should be stopped. Not only are they ruining them physically, they are also torturing them emotionally. These kids can never get back to where they were before the rape. It's a really pathetic situation.

  • Yes we should end rape as a weapon of war

    There is no place in any society for such a brutal and terrorizing act such as rape to occur. Rape should never be considered as part of a weapon of war, and war should be decided with brains and guns rather than rape. Rape should be outlawed in all aspects of society.

  • Yes, rape should be ended.

    Rape is degrading and probably the most vile act of violence between human beings. I am using the word "man" loosely, because I know women are guilty as well. A man uses rape as power. He overpowers a woman and takes something very precious from her. I think a person who commits rape should have their sex drive removed. Casterated.

  • Rape is a reprehensible and morally inexcusable action.

    I feel that rape is morally inexcusable for any reason. It is unnecessary torture often committed against civilians who have nothing to do with the fighting at all. I don't like war at all, but I feel that actions which target non-combatants physically and mentally are unneeded; if war must be waged, do it with bullets.

  • Rape is disgusting and should never be used as a weapon.

    Rape is absolutely disgusting and immoral. The thought of the US military using rape as a weapon of war horrifies me. It is absolutely abhorrent and reprehensible. Any person who would rape another has serious mental issues. The US stooping down to this level is completely pathetic. To be frank, war should be waged with guns, not penises.

  • Yes, we should end rape as a weapon of war

    Rape is violence against innocent parties. Harming civilians during war is not acceptable because it is morally and ethically against the point of war in the first place. War is related to governmental policies not against the people as a whole. Harming innocent woman and children by rape should never be an acceptable tool or weapon.

  • Yes, rape is a horribly vulgar act that can manifest lifelong side effects that run the gamut from PTSD to suicide.

    Rape forces the victim to resign all power and choice while forcefully humiliating them. This is akin to torture. Additionally, it contributes to the issue of sexually transmitted viruses and infections and unwanted pregnancy. The fact that this is condoned by any group of people is a smear on the human race.

  • The fact anyone said "no" sickens me...

    I understand that there are no one is guaranteed follow laws, and not "allowing" something doesn't mean it won't happen. But rape is the most disgusting form of violence there is, and I honestly doubt it will get any better in the future. I don't understand how America could stoop this low.

  • Can we even control that?

    So, do we have the ability to tell men, with guns, who have just gained total authority and who might die, that they should just not do it. Will they listen? Why debate something so impossible to control. Until women become more tough than men, men will rape them. I'm sorry, I didn't realize "we" had the option....

  • The other choice is being killed. The women are raped, the men are shot, and the children are enslaved. Who is better off?

    As bizarre as it may sound, the savages that stoop to using rape as a weapon of war would probably just kill whoever they raped if they weren't going to rape them. Who is better off? The people being raped or those who got shot or enslaved? The question is measuring the lesser or least of a choice of evils. Poison gas, or shrapnel? Nuclear winter, or biological apocalypse? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? So no, you eliminate rape as a weapon, and you just have more shot in the head women. Not a lot of great choices on the table. I love these cheery topics, don't you?

  • Most certainly not!

    Raping the POWs and entire families in the conquered villages are one of the most powerful weapons at an army's disposal. Rape of both woman and men destroys the victims own sexuality and self esteem. As an added bonus, it boost the manhood and self esteem of the soldiers doing the raping :D

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