Should we end tax subsidies for amateur sporting events such as March Madness?

  • Tax subsidies to colleges should be for education not entertainment.

    With American students falling farther and farther behind every other nation in the developed world, we need to be putting our money in actual education not sports. This is a huge problem in high schools as well as colleges, where art, music, and even core subjects like math are cut, classroom sizes balloon, and teachers must pay for their own classroom supplies out of pocket, yet the football team still gets new uniforms every other year.
    Providing tax subsidies for entertainment is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and it doesn't stop at amateur sports. The pro football team local to me gets subsidies from the city. It's ridiculous.

  • March Madness shouldn't be supported by taxpayers.

    Tax money will help promote schools, but it should go directly to education. It shouldn't go to entertainment especially since not everyone gets involved with March Madness and other college-level sporting events. It should be up to the schools to provide the money needed to promote and support these events.

  • Yes, March Madness can generate enough revenue without tax subsidies.

    March Madness should not receive tax subsidies nor should other amateur events. There is enough money generated by the events that the subsidies should not be needed. If the event needs funding, it should be provided through private sponsorships. The taxpayers should not have their contributions used for sporting events.

  • No, no more taxes!

    At this point, I do not support taxing people or businesses anymore. The amount of taxes that are paid right now is way to high for everyone. The government should cut spending if it wants to get the deficit under control, not keep taking more money from people who need it to survive.

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