• We should get rid of the Olympics 🤯🧐🤓🥵🥶🤮😱😎

    Countries who host the Olympics have to get money to build a whole entire stadium that costs a lot of money. You aren't going to use the stadium anytime soon so It's a waste of money.

    Also the Olympic games have a lot of violence in them. Over 15 super good athletes have died during the Olympic games and that is a lot of people if you think about it.

    There is also a lot of stress on the city because people are coming in form everywhere. If that much people are coming than imagine how many people would be stressed.

    This is why I think we should get rid of the Olympics

  • We need to get rid of the olympics

    Olympics stadium is huge, It is not necessary to have this giant stadium for an event that happes once every four years, And the money we spend on the olympics can be used for a better cause like fighting homeless or making the earth more green. With stadiums being all over the world it makes such a big waste of space, And land. If we do keep the olympics have it be at one location one stadium one place where all countries can get together and compete not stadiums all over the world.

  • We should ban the games

    We should get rid of the games because it would save lots of money and money would be wasted like in times where people can't go because of a lockdown or some other reason. Also, We could use the money for like the food bank. This is why I think we should ban the games

  • There are lots of reasons why we SHOULD ban the Olympic Games.

    It’s for the amount of money spent on a waste of a building is increasing by the second. Banning the Olympic Games will save millions of people because the money will go to a better cause. More people on my side, The better. Agree with me for the better of our nation.

  • Yes, The Olympic games should be cancelled.

    Unlike the other 67% of you, I stand for morals and ethics. The USA alone spends 30 million dollars on the Olympics whenever we host it. There are people all over the world who are starving, And we're wasting our money on 17 days of sports festivities. As people, You'd think we'd care about those who are dying because they can't afford health care. But no, We choose to spend billions of dollars on games we're not even guaranteed to win.

  • The olympics is bad.

    What a waste of time and money and resources I hate the Olympics and what is has done to my family you will never understand the pain that those rings have brought to my life I say we do away with it. It’s not about peace, Unity, Or the celebration of humankind as it presents itself to be. It flat out stinks. It came to my city and it ruined our lives forever. PleSe rethink the olympics!

  • Get rid of it!!

    All the Olympics is good for is putting the host city in decades long debt. Hardly any cities are putting entries in to be in the Olympics anymore because they've realised it's not worth it. Also not as many people watch the Olympics anymore because of the decline of TV.

  • Yes we should

    We need to get rid of the olympics ssss ssss sss s x s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

  • Why do you want to stop the Olympics

    The Olympics is a very very very valuable part and is celebrated hugely all over the world, For me, I believe that there are a whole lot more people loving the Olympics than hating on it. If they were to stop the Olympics overall there would be a whole lot more outrage and people would start getting angry, If you think about it competitors have been training al their lives for one moment of glory they all dream for, Just to be ripped away by some few people who believe it ruined their lives, The Olympics was not ever made to ruin anyone's lives, It brings huge amounts of people together and celebrate the heroes of each and every country, If you are angry about how your country has done in the games, Why don't you go? No? Because they have been training for these moments their whole life just for you to watch in front of the TV or in the stadium.

  • No,we should not end the olympic games.

    No,we should not end the olympic games.There are several good reasons why this is true.First,it is a good way for the host city to generate revenue.Second it is a good way for different countries to come together for diplomatic reasons.The representatives for these different countries are able to come together in a non-threatening manner.

  • They've Been Commercialized

    I do not believe we should end the Olympic Games because in attempting to do so it would cause anger and probably a lot of opposition. The Olympic Games have been commercialized and there are a lot of people and corporations who make money of these events. The cities they are held in also benefit immensely.

  • Not at all

    No, the Olympic games during the summer is the most watched event in the world, so why would we want to shut that down. Also it is a good way for all of the countries in the world to come together and see if their athletes can win the gold.

  • The Olympics should go on

    The Olympics has admittedly gotten out of hand with the number of events, amount of coverage, and the public typically does not care. There are a few events that people watch closely that are typically team sports or speed sports, but events like gymnastics or fencing just does not interest the majority of the civilized world. The Olympics don't need to be eliminated, just overhauled.

  • No, the olympics are great.

    For the most part, the Olympics bring people together and form fun rivalries between countries, all vying for a top spot among the world's athletes. The Olympics have been around thousands of years and have even taken place during wartime. To get rid of them would be an absolute disgrace.

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