• Our Planet is burning

    Our Planet is in the late stages of a Climate Crisis and the IOC still plans on holding future Olympic Games costing Trillions of dollars that could go to climate mitigation. These are almost all entitled wealthy people. The world does not care who is the fastest cyclist or runner.

  • The entertainment value is gone

    In the 4 years between the olympic games who really cares who the fastest swimmer in the 200m Breastroke is? Or who can shot put the farthest. It has baffled me why we find any of this entertaining in the modern age when we can watch movies and professional sports that have more entertainment value. Furthermore, Most athletes competing for "their country" probably don't even live in that country. For instance the entire womens mexican softball team lives in the US. And on top of that, 90% of these elite athletes have to have rich parents to be able to obscure some pointless world record or gold medal in some obscure javelin throwing or down hill skiing competition. And as mentioned before, There are better ways for cities to spend their billions of dollars

  • The Olympics should be banned because:

    To make way for Beijing’s 2008 Olympic infrastructure, An estimated 1. 5m[million] people were forcibly evicted from their homes

    Both sexualities in 1938 women could compete but only in 5 events.

    The Olympics History is very strange and unimpressive are young should not learn about it.

    Cost, Financial drain on cities who host Olympics.

    Encourages cheating in events People train their whole lives to go into the Olympics.

  • Yes, Bankrupts cities and marginalizes the poor.

    All the cities who ever hosted the Olympics. Those that support the Olympics have either childlike leanings of togetherness or are greedy corporatists that take advantage. Olympian are largely pro athletes so it has lost its altruism of supporting amateur sport. Doping and being born large does not make you an athlete. Oh wait yes it does in the Olympics.

  • Yes, Cancel the Olympic Games 2, The Clean and Press!

    My apologies for the typos on my earlier response. One perfect example of the corruption in the I. O. C. Concerns what led to the Clean and Press being dropped from weightlifting in 1972: Even during the 1950's, Judges were sometimes allowing push presses to be passed as presses. However the press would be transformed from a pure strength move to a dynamic one in the early sixties by a middleweight from El Paso, Texas, Tony Garcy where he would start in the layback press position, But then rapidly straighten to the military press position with enough force so that the torso would heave the weight upward, Then he would use the momentum to press the weight the rest of the way overhead. The foreign coaches and athletes quickly saw the advantage and it was soon referred to as the Polish-style press. When a lifter utilized the new style, The bar would explode off his shoulders and be locked out in a nanosecond. It was extremely difficult to judge. Did the lifter start with his knees bent? Were they fully locked at the finish? If the judges would have had instant replay, Perhaps they could have made the correct call, But of course they didn’t, And very quickly international judges began using the press to enhance the chances of those they wanted to do well and destroy those who posed a threat to the team title. In 1967, At the Little Olympics in Mexico city, Joe Puleo should have won the lightheavyweight class, But two judges, One from Bulgaria, Who was very outspoken in his dislike for Americans, And one from Australia, Who was trying to get his number one officiating card, Passed absolutely everything and were particularly generous with the Russian, Belyaev. They passed obvious knee kicks and ridiculous back bends. Puleo’s presses were all cleanly done, But as a result of the crooked judging, He ended up with the silver. This ended up costing the U. S. The team title. On the other hand a Cuban lifter in the 1968 Olympics had every single one of his ultra strict presses red lighted. There were many more such episodes, The point is, It had gotten out of hand and the only sorry solution they could come up with was to eliminate the lift altogether rather than returning to strict rules where the press must be a press with the lifter staying in the military press position or the layback position instead of a torso jerk with a press out.

  • Yes, Cancel the Olympic Games!

    Besides the money spent on the games, I'm sickened as a retired Olympic Weightlifter about politics always coming ahead of rules! I've watched with disgust as the same I. O. C. That allowed the Clean and Press to become perverted and allowing judges to pass outright push presses as presses while red lighting strict presses then decides to drop the Press from weightlifting altogether! I'm sure that there are many other example from all the Olympic sports of judges being allowed to play favorites. Weightlifting would be much better off separating from the Olympics and forming their own organization.

  • We should get rid of the Olympics 🤯🧐🤓🥵🥶🤮😱😎

    Countries who host the Olympics have to get money to build a whole entire stadium that costs a lot of money. You aren't going to use the stadium anytime soon so It's a waste of money.

    Also the Olympic games have a lot of violence in them. Over 15 super good athletes have died during the Olympic games and that is a lot of people if you think about it.

    There is also a lot of stress on the city because people are coming in form everywhere. If that much people are coming than imagine how many people would be stressed.

    This is why I think we should get rid of the Olympics

  • We need to get rid of the olympics

    Olympics stadium is huge, It is not necessary to have this giant stadium for an event that happes once every four years, And the money we spend on the olympics can be used for a better cause like fighting homeless or making the earth more green. With stadiums being all over the world it makes such a big waste of space, And land. If we do keep the olympics have it be at one location one stadium one place where all countries can get together and compete not stadiums all over the world.

  • We should ban the games

    We should get rid of the games because it would save lots of money and money would be wasted like in times where people can't go because of a lockdown or some other reason. Also, We could use the money for like the food bank. This is why I think we should ban the games

  • There are lots of reasons why we SHOULD ban the Olympic Games.

    It’s for the amount of money spent on a waste of a building is increasing by the second. Banning the Olympic Games will save millions of people because the money will go to a better cause. More people on my side, The better. Agree with me for the better of our nation.

  • Why do you want to stop the Olympics

    The Olympics is a very very very valuable part and is celebrated hugely all over the world, For me, I believe that there are a whole lot more people loving the Olympics than hating on it. If they were to stop the Olympics overall there would be a whole lot more outrage and people would start getting angry, If you think about it competitors have been training al their lives for one moment of glory they all dream for, Just to be ripped away by some few people who believe it ruined their lives, The Olympics was not ever made to ruin anyone's lives, It brings huge amounts of people together and celebrate the heroes of each and every country, If you are angry about how your country has done in the games, Why don't you go? No? Because they have been training for these moments their whole life just for you to watch in front of the TV or in the stadium.

  • No,we should not end the olympic games.

    No,we should not end the olympic games.There are several good reasons why this is true.First,it is a good way for the host city to generate revenue.Second it is a good way for different countries to come together for diplomatic reasons.The representatives for these different countries are able to come together in a non-threatening manner.

  • They've Been Commercialized

    I do not believe we should end the Olympic Games because in attempting to do so it would cause anger and probably a lot of opposition. The Olympic Games have been commercialized and there are a lot of people and corporations who make money of these events. The cities they are held in also benefit immensely.

  • Not at all

    No, the Olympic games during the summer is the most watched event in the world, so why would we want to shut that down. Also it is a good way for all of the countries in the world to come together and see if their athletes can win the gold.

  • The Olympics should go on

    The Olympics has admittedly gotten out of hand with the number of events, amount of coverage, and the public typically does not care. There are a few events that people watch closely that are typically team sports or speed sports, but events like gymnastics or fencing just does not interest the majority of the civilized world. The Olympics don't need to be eliminated, just overhauled.

  • No, the olympics are great.

    For the most part, the Olympics bring people together and form fun rivalries between countries, all vying for a top spot among the world's athletes. The Olympics have been around thousands of years and have even taken place during wartime. To get rid of them would be an absolute disgrace.

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