Should we engineer food that is highly nutritious and highly tasty?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Obesity Problem Solved!

    The problem with obesity would be solved. Just manufacture all the tasty foods to remove anything unhealthy and insert all kinds of healthy things into them without disturbing the taste of the food and engineer all untasty healthy foods to remove the untasty aspects while keeping or even increasing how healthy it is.

    Who is going to pick tasty unhealthy food over tasty healthy food? No one. So if the option of eating very tasty and very healthy food were available it would solve the obesity problem.

    The government should grant companies subsidies if they agree to engineer their foods towards this goal and should in particular be using this with Obama's Obamafood program for schoolchildren. Then they can have memories of eating tasty healthy food instead of nasty healthy food and will continue to eat healthy when they are older.

  • Modern Science Can Try to Do So

    Modern science can try to create foods that are highly nutritious and very tasty. However, mother nature has already done so with foods such as spinach, blueberries, pumpkins and oats. There are plenty of healthy food choices out there that taste great if the right flavor combinations come together. There is no need for fancy flavorings made from chemicals. Just get some fresh vegetables, add fresh spices and the perfect "highly nutritious and highly tasty" food is already there.

  • We should engineer food that is highly nutritious and highly tasty.

    We should engineer food that is highly nutritious and highly tasty. We already have food out there that is bad for us so we should manufacture food that is going to be good for us. I think as consumers we should be able to make the choice whether or not to purchase these items.

  • Yes, with caution.

    GM has been cleared by most scientists and the international community. The problem is that, as with all environmental issues, we can't leave it to the free market, which is only interested in what is most profitable. It is important, thus, to introduce legislation so that GM and normal seeds do not mix, to carefully label all GM products and to make sure that companies like Monsanto do not form a monopoly over the industry.

  • No, because the complications could be grave.

    If we genetically modify food in such a way, there is a huge possibility that the ways in which chemicals inside that food work, can be altered, which can possibly mean they can cause major problems to humans, especially in that they can become harmful to us, other animals and to the earth itself.
    While science may have disproved GM having negative effects, looking back on history, Science has not always been correct in its "observations". Much more long term testing is required, over decades, before it can be made sure that such products are safe and will not be dangerous, especially to the environment.

    The government should not have the right to tell people what to eat and do. It should be up to the individual. In opposition to the argument an honourable gentleman has raised, government funding to food companies is more Orwellian in nature, than supporting the fad of "healthy eating".

  • Keep it natural

    Engineered food is still a tricky subject, most of it deemed safe and then later learned to have some potentially bad consequences. Right now, the best nutrition is all natural. It has worked for thousands and thousands of years of human civilization and just because we have access to the technology doesn't mean we should radically change farming.

  • Engineered and Processed Foods Aren't Healthy

    Any foods that are engineered and processed to be healthy aren't actually that healthy. Without a doubt, we should focus upon simple foods that anyone can grow themselves. Organic foods that have little processing are the best choice for human beings. Otherwise, processed foods are harmful for our bodies today.

  • No, we do not need to engineer food that is nutritious and tasty.

    I believe that we do not need to engineer food that is highly nutritious and highly tasty. We already have nutritious and tasty food, for example fresh grown vegetables. Vegetables can be grown in a person's garden and don't need to be engineered. We need to eat the food nature provided and not start engineering our own.

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