Should we eradicate age restrictions on firearms?

  • Even children are American Citizens.

    It is not the right of the government to raise children, it is the responsibility of their parents. Age restrictions on firearms only limit minor's ability to protect their unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. America has a negative view of youth but often forget that we don't live in asocitlety based on how we feel about things, rather it is based off of our constitution.

  • They should. How else will your child protect themselves and/or others?

    There are countless cases where children have defended their family, friends, themselves and others by injuring the killer or using it as a threat. We need this also to train our children to hunt and to survive the wild. It would not make things worse, if the adults had a key to their guns and they would know how to shoot and how to not have accident's every thing will be fine. They should have it as 8 or something other age.

  • No, age restrictions on guns should not be eradicated.

    Although I am typically against gun control measures, I do believe that there should be a minimum age to own one. Owning a gun is a huge responsibility, and I think it's in the best interests of society to ensure that someone who owns a gun is capable of doing so. Children often do not have the maturity necessary to know when it is okay to use a firearm. I do feel that it is okay for them to shoot them at a range while under adult supervision. That is an integral part of gaining the maturity necessary to responsibly own a firearm.

  • We Need Age Restrictions On Guns

    We should not eradicate age restrictions on firearms. Young people and minors should not have access to guns and other weaponry. I actually believe that gun laws need to be tightened so that it is more difficult to obtain a firearm. There are more reasons to keep the age as is than there are to get rid of age restrictions.

  • No, that would make things worse.

    Our children are not legally allowed to drive until they are sixteen, vote until they are eighteen, or drink until they are twenty-one. Gun ownership is as great, if not greater, a responsibility. Children should not be allowed to own or have any kind of access to firearms. There would be more gun related deaths than there already are.

  • Keep guns out of the hands of children.

    Having a gun may be a right, but it's also a responsibility. I think someone shouldn't have access to a firearm unless they know how to handle it responsibly. There are already too many people with easy access to guns, and many young people, especially in poorer areas, find it easier to get guns then it is to get food. Yes, they get them illegally, but that doesn't mean that everyone should have unrestricted access to all manner of firearms, especially in light of the shootings we have seen this past year in the U.S. We have limits on Freedom of Speech (can't yell "fire" in a crowded movie house") and Freedom of Religion (no human sacrifices). Why then shouldn't there be some limitations on the Right to Bear Arms?

  • There is no data to support that age restrictions work.

    I've searched far and wide and it appears to me that there is no data to support that age restrictions actually do anything to lower violent crime or reduce gun crime.

    What I have found are profound cases from the Libertarian party explaining what the second amendment actually means and how the 14th amendment applies it to every person. Thus, it also appears to me that age restrictions are unconstitutional as well.

    Now I'm not saying I agree with all of this, but these are my findings. As someone who believes that the government should have as little offensive power as possible seeing as their offensive capabilities always and inevitably lead to abuses, I vote for no age restrictions.

  • Why would we?

    Imagine there is a little boy we'll call Billy. Billy has seen guns on tv and movies, and likes to play with nerf guns. Now, Billy gets his hands on a real gun- which, due to no age restrictions, he can have legally. Well, it must be just like a nerf gun, right? So Billy walks up to his friend Jimmy, and shows him the gun. Oops! Billy pulls the trigger by accident. Jimmy is dead. Say no to age restrictions on firearms, everyone!

  • Only Adults Should Own Firearms

    Only adults, age 18 and older, who control their own mental faculties and are not felonies who can pass a background check, should own firearms in the United States of America. No one can stop insane people who legally bought guns and then went crazy later. However, there needs to be common sense reforms for gun ownership.

  • Age Restrictions are Important

    I don't think that we should eradicate age restrictions on firearms. Age restrictions exist for many different items for various reasons. For firearms, the obvious reason that there is an age restriction is that not only can a minor hurt themselves, but they can quite easily hurt others. Minors don't make the best of decisions early in life. As such, there should be age restrictions, but if a parent does decide that a minor can have a firearm then the parent should be able to allow the use.

  • More restrictions are necessary

    If anything, more restrictions on firearms are necessary. Eradicating age restrictions will do absolutely nothing to benefit anybody. Instead, you'll just put firearms in the hands of those who should not be handling them to begin with - the mentally incompetent, the mentally insecure, the mentally unstable. More restrictions are needed, if anything.

  • Age restrictions are appropriate for firearms

    No, the age of purchasing firearms is appropriate. It gives the purchaser time for them to mature before they have the right to purchase a weapon. Owning a firearm is a great responsibly and young persons may not understand the ramifications of owning this dangerous piece of equipment. Age limits have been effective for the most part and should me maintained.

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