• Yee Yee Yee

    I don't agree with the current way in which homework is done. I think it should be optional whether to do it or not. But, Learning from home can help with actually learning, Because people will learn in a way they want to learn instead of having a teacher lecturing them and 30 others in front of a shitty white board.

  • We need homework.

    A little bit of light homework is ok. I'm not saying we should get stacks of homework, But some light homework helps you remember the topics in school. Some stress is brought upon you by homework, But stress is required to push you to do things. Of course some students are put under too much stress, But I'm just talking about a little bit of homework.

  • Homework is stressful

    Homework is designed to focus a child's home learning at a certain topic. If set up correctly, Homework can be very beneficial for students.
    However, The current homework system puts much pressure on students. Surely you have heard of the well-known "I have (insert large number here) assignments for tomorrow! "
    Why do you think some students come to school sleep-deprived?
    It's because they cannot catch up to the overbearing load of homework, Or that their capability level is not yet suitable for the task at hand. However, Pupils still get penalised equally.
    Furthermore, Homework provide a way for schools to control their pupils' lives even more. When students get home, They cannot relax but must do homework, For school's sake! Family time, Quality time and resting time is lost because of homework. They call it "Half of our evening wasted on random knowledge"!
    Don't you understand? I disagree with a complete ban, But there should be less pressure about homework.

  • Obviously bad and TRASH

    Takes too much time, Takes up free time/family time. Plus it basically damages mental health. Plus we already have too much work in school JUST TO COME HOME FOR MORE? Nuh uh. I don't think so. Plus it doesn't really do anything except makes us stressed out. Whoever opposes this doesn't know what they r talking about.

  • It sucks so bad

    Nevermind my lack of capitilization, Im not here to seriously debate. Just my opinions :]. Homework is unnecessary. Adding on stress we already have at school and carrying it with us to home. Not useful and has caused many people meltdowns. Why do more work at home? School's way of teaching things is, In my opinion, Absolute garbage.

  • Homework hurts low-income kids

    Homework hurts low-income kids. Now that we live in a digital world, A lot of homework is online, But a lot of low-income kids don't have access to internet or a device, Or both. Also, Older low-income kids have to work jobs, And working and doing homework doesn't really fit.

  • Why we don't need homework

    Because kids have a life at home and we are already spending hours on school then after we are done you want us to do homework In real life and they will just forget the moment they graduate we will never need this stuff later in life teach us the ways to make money to get a good inference

  • Homework is not something we deserve but its something we need.

    I am in high school right now and i am just bombarded with assignments and homework. I don't like doing it but if i never had homework then i think i wouldn't even pass 8th std. If given in a right amount then it will be really helpful for kids.

  • Homework Sucks,

    There should be no Homework, But also No Term Papers, No Science Projects, No Book Reports, No Lab Reports, No State Exams,
    Students are under far too much stress, Taught mostly useless crap that they will Never use in the real World, Tax Payer dollars are being wasted to teach students useless crap they will never use in the real World, In real life and they will just forget the moment they graduate

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