• Do not open zoos.

    If you think that taking animals from there home is ok then you are pretty much abusing animals. I honestly would never take animals and use them for peoples money and amusement. I mean seriously that is just plain animal cruelty. That is just so mean to poor little animals.

  • I believe zoos do more harm then good

    We should close down zoos save money for sanctuaries and have a better economy and have a better life. I would love the world if it is a better place and have zoos shut down forever and ever and be punished. I would really be thankful if you decided to close down zoos.

  • If The Community Supports It

    I believe zoos can be of great benefit to inhabitants of the communities that they are in. Zoos provide a fun, educational location for children and adults a like. Often, it is the only way inner city children actually see wildlife, such as bears and penguins. Zoos are excellent for communities and they should be opened where communities wish to support them.

  • As long as they are humane

    I think that zoos are okay as long as the animals are treated fairly and humanely. A lot of animals in zoos were born in captivity and it would be bad to send them in the wild where they don't have survival skills. As long as the animals are happy, it's fine.

  • Wild Animals Belong in the Wild

    Wild animals belong in the wild and not caged up in zoos. Why don't we focus on preserving natural habitat in addition to saving the animals that live in them? Humans don't like being caged up for their whole lives, so animals are the same way. We have enough zoos already and we don't need to open any others.

  • We have enough zoos to go around.

    I think the number of zoos we have right now are sufficient. I also don't think that the majority of zoos that exist, at least in the United States, are places of cruelty or suffering. Having worked at one, I know they do a lot to educate people on what we are doing to the animals' natural habitats, and also work on breeding programs to return endangered species to the wild. But we don't need new zoos.

  • Zoos are cruel

    While I enjoy seeing different animals I may not otherwise have a chance to ever see in person, it makes no sense to find, trap, and then parade around wild animals for the enjoyment and entertainment of humans. Animals deserve a chance to be free in their own natural habitat. Humans are constantly wrecking nature and the environment by taking wildlife out of it and leaving pollution in it's place.

  • Because it's wrong

    I don't care if you like the zoo but animal have as much of a right to be on this earth as we do!! If they are on the earth that means that they have a reason to be there. God made everything for a reason. We actually need animals to survive so that our human race can survive

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