• Potential is literally endless

    Space is massive and earth is small, that is a fact. If we could expand to other planets we could look for resources beyond what we have on earth. Also it will push for other energy sources as what we have now will not get us as far as needed.

  • Expand space exploration.

    We should expand our space exploration program. At the very least we should go back to what we were doing before our space program ended. Russia is currently making advances on our space program while the United States has had the most advanced spaced program until recent years. It is a shame that we have started to slack so much.

  • Space is the final frontier!

    I believe the earth is doomed. I believe that we've squandered our natural resources here, and that whatever we do now to reverse the damage done will only be temporary. At some point we're gonna have to blow this taco stand we call Earth and look for a sustainable habitat on another planet. The sooner we get there, the better, and that can only happen by dramatically expanding our efforts at space exploration.

  • We shouldn't for many reasons

    We make space debris and we are wasting gas which is good because we should have electric cars and wastes money. Instead of wasting money on space exploration we should give the money to the the home less. We should also give the money to the hungry too which need money to get food.

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