• Adventure in space

    Yes I do agree saying tat we need to explore space more because there are things which we might not even know now..So i think its better we explore more...We might also find something very interesting...There might be more and more stuffs to explore in space...So i agree saying tat we need to explore space more..

  • The Big Questions.

    I believe we should indeed increase space exploration. Of course humankind has many issues contained within our own planetary existence that are still a top priority, however an understanding of our origins could benefit us scientifically, religiously, and create new discoveries for technology. The Universe holds many of our ultimate curiosities; where did we come from, is life possible out there, what is reality. Our perspective is so limited from this planet and we rely on different factions of explanation such as science and religion which ultimately divide us. As technology progresses and the idea of migration becomes more and more a realization, new opportunity for our species to unify itself may be presented. Imagine if we were to make contact with another life form. We would begin to view ourselves less as "The United States, England, Mexico, Russia, China, etc." and more as humans. The politics of our planet would seem so insignificant if we were able to take leave of them and embrace the cooperation of exploring a force much older and greater than ourselves. I very firmly believe that if we were to explore space and fully comprehend how large it is, we would stop arguing amongst ourselves about how small our planet is. Apologies for the speech, this topic just interests me so very much.

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