• Sex is important for humans.

    During the Victorian era, sex was even more suppressed than it is now. Sex was to be avoided at all costs. Sex was the ultimate sin. It seems like an okay idea, especially in our time with girls and women crying rape all the time. In the Victorian era, a woman had the right to excuse herself if a man started to get frisky. Maybe if men were not so caught up in sex, they would be more productive in society. But before we label sex as a horrible crime, we need to know what sex is. Sex does not have to be intercourse. Sex can be any type of action during which sexual feelings are aroused. That may include kissing, rubbing, cuddling, or even sexting. Although all this talk about sex seems to be a new development, it isn't. Sex was always there, even in the Victorian era. Sex for modern humans is much more than the need to have babies. It is the need to feel pleasure. See, your brain has developed to make you feel good when you have sex. Your brain's reward circuit sends out endorphins (they make you feel very good. They are active when you laugh and when you take certain drugs). Humans need sex to make them feel good. Sex is a basic need of life, right up there with food and water. We need sex, whether we think so or not. So I say that we express our sexuality. You'll be glad you did.


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