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  • You are stupid

    You're an idiot. Like, really. I don't care if you did this as a joke, you are stupid. The mere fact that you even posted this question makes you a complete and utter moron. I can't even describe how stupidly imbecilic you are, because it would take a lot more than 900 words. You're such an idiot teachers cry when they see you. You're so stupid books burst into flames when you open them. You're such a total idiot that when you look up something on Google your computer automatically hits ctrl alt delete. You're so dumb that God made himself real so he could ask himself how his creation went so horribly, horribly wrong. Your brain isn't smaller than a peanut, it doesn't even exist. Your body runs on stupidity alone. Any new knowledge is incinerated in your biological moron furnace, and then it is released through your mouth when you speak your idiotness. If they weren't so dumb, stupid people everywhere would worship you as their ruler, and you could rule the kingdom of Imbecilia until it collapsed because everyone decided it would be a good idea to press the button labeled "launch nukes at self". But then you would be revived through the power of unintelligence, and you would continue to be an idiot until the end of time, at which point the universe would collapse under the sheer power of your idiocy. Then you would float stupidly in the void, which, if anyone had survived, would be called "the stupid void". That's how stupid you are, except you probably aren't even reading this because it was too long. Cause you're an idiot.

  • This is a REALLY stupid question.

    I LOVE what the guy up there said. I agree so much that its impossible to agree more. In fact i agree so much that i want to hug that response. Also by the way that dog is pooping not farting. Maybe you could change it, but obviosly whenever you look something aup on you r computer it automatically his cntl alt delete

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