• It is the end of all you find dear.

    Death is the end.The end of love. The end of happiness. The end of everything. It is natural that we should be afraid of so much joy coming to an end permanently. Those who say it is nothing to be afraid of belittle the wonder of life that we have now. If you are not upset or afraid of death then you are not cherishing life enough.

  • Fearing death evolved for a reason.

    If people did not fear death, everyone would take senseless risks, and the human race would likely go extinct. Even as a Christian, I have to look at my religion as just another religion- and it follows all the traits of other religions. We invent an afterlife to convince ourselves that death does not end all. Is there some truth to any religion? Maybe. But just as likely, we're all using religion to lie to ourselves and others. To just assume there's something after death is foolish, and to fear death is simply natural protection- we all die eventually, but most people I know would like to stay alive as long as possible, and make as big a mark as possible. If you're saying we should risk our ambitions dying- as well as dying ourselves with various lethal injuries- that's just wrong- but if you don't fear death, you risk that happening.

  • There is nothing positive about death

    There is nothing positive about one's body permanently ceasing all function and decaying into food for microorganisms. Of course we should fear death to some degree.

    Sure it may be inevitable, but it's better for it to happen later rather than sooner unless you are suffering from a horribly painful terminal illness or worse suffering a condition that takes all meaning away from life such as dementia.

  • Death - What If?

    I like to think I can control the outcome, And that I am strong enough to survive at least a very long time.

    Even if I did ( if), Will I have made my mark upon the world; left a legacy that will live on forevet? I hope that will be the case.

  • Yes due to the benefits to our fellow man.

    By fearing death we take actions to perpetutate our exsistance, which in turn pushes us to explore options we would not normally consider. This is how we find cures to diseases and infections.

    This not only is the moral thing to do, from a utilitarian perspective, but from a Kantian view as well. It also gives your pain meaning which makes it much more bearable.

  • Death is the end of life

    The question is not if we fear an afterlife, it asks if we fear leaving this one. If you do not fear the loss of this existence, then why do you stay here? It would be like saying I have a nice pastry now, but hey this old dude in an Alba says I can have another one later. Well if I might have one later. Why do I care about losing this one? Clearly you enjoy the first one, that is why you are eating it. Death is not going anywhere, you should not run to him. When you die you should embrace whatever afterlife you believe in, but until death arrives: run away.

  • The only scary part is the dying bit.

    Once you actually pass away you won't care in the slightest bit that you have died because you will be dead. Whether or not we go to an afterlife is completely up in the air. Nobody can know. If thinking an invisible man in the sky will meet up with you at the pearly gates makes you feel better when you are about to die, I don't blame you. I'm of the reasoning and scientific persuasion, and there is no evidence of that. I wouldn't hold your breath - but then if you're dead, you won't be able to, aha.

  • Well... Not if you don't want to.

    There is no "next great adventure", not as best as I can tell. So, the not living part can be scary to some if not most. While in no rush, I do look forward to "not being" anymore. At some point, my conscious is gone, and that will be nice.

    Posted by: TBR
  • It is inevitable

    We are afraid of death because of fear of the unknown, none of us knows precisely what happens after we die. But death is inescapable, everybody dies at some point. The fact we do not know what happens after death makes it mysterious. As J.K. Rowling said, "To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure".

  • We all die at one point

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but we can't escape death.
    We fear the unknown, which I find fascinating. Theres stories of people who died in surgery that say they've been to Heaven, so could there really be an all mighty power above us? Does one religion really hold truth to the after life? Perhaps we reincarnate and forget our old life, or we just die and thats it, your brain is dead along with you.
    I am Catholic but I enjoy challenging my Catholic beliefs with my strong scientific beliefs so the afterlife is really something we'll never know about until we die. We only created the idea of the afterlife to find comfort in death. Humans are selfish, we don't cry because we mourn the lose of somebody not being able to live, we mourn us not being able to see them again. I know people who refuse to take family off life support because they're so selfish and want to still have the person around, yet their quality of life is poor.

  • No, you should enjoy your life

    There,s no point in thinking about death because it will just hinder your success in life. Anyway life is harder than death because it has many struggles that you will have to overcome to be succesful. In the afterlife you will be at peace,assuming that you go to heaven ( you would still be at peace even if the afterlife didnt exist). Concentrate on creating change in this world for the better, so that people will remember you.

  • Live life to the fullest, don't live in fear.

    It would ruin your life to constantly be afraid of death. How would you even properly judge whether something is safe or not?
    Something as safe as walking inside your house could kill you while doing something dangerous may not. It would probably affect your decision-making and not allow you to do something like sky-diving. You might really limit the amount of adventure in your life.

  • Death itself? No. Dying horribly? Absolutely.

    We shouldn't fear death because there are enough of us to bury any problem under a pile of bodies. In the olden days, cowardice was acceptable because we needed that person. Now, that person can be replaced.
    I'm expendable, you're expendable, everyone's expendable.
    Americans are less expendable than everyone else.

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