• To an extent

    When you proudly cover your body in symbols of hatred, you're pretty much conceding you're never going to do anything with your life and are saying you're okay with that. At that point, you are capable of doing a lot of very stupid and very hurtful things. There are greater threats in the world but they will still make it their business to be a problem for who they see fit.

  • No send them into exile

    Communist and fascists should both be sent to countries like north Korea and left their permanently. That would demonstrate to them the stupidity of their cause. The Aryan Brother hood, should be placed on a list of prohibited organisation and be required to provide a list of members. Properly armed police and the FBI should have no trouble in containing them.

  • No, but we should be cautious.

    I believe that the United States is powerful enough that it should not fear anyone in the world. However, it is important to keep a close eye on them because it is possible that they may act on their hatred towards Americans. Caution should be used to ensure we don't lose American lives.

  • I do not think so!

    The Aryan Brotherhood is a hate group, who likes to make all other races feel inadequate because that race is not white. If people of other races fear the Aryan Brotherhood, that gives them power. People need to come together against hate groups, so that way their power is limited or not existent.

  • Fear is a strange word to use.

    Fearing them would give them power to spread their message of hate and prejudice. In that same token, they must be recognized for what they are: a hate group. And as such one must be very cautious around them, even if they have largely decreased over the last few decades.

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