• Islam has expansionist goal

    Segments of the Quran, Shari'a and Hadith promote the oppression and submission of women, antisemitism, condemns homosexuals and infidels with the penalty of death. Islam's goal is to become the one religion in the world. Best remain watchful, so our democratic values do not enable the entry of a foreign element against freedom and equality for all.

  • Do you fear terrorists?

    MB have helped plot and carry out bombings and assassinations in Egypt for decades. Ayman al Zawahiri the leader of al qaeda and brains behind the 911 attacks started out in the MB. Also, the first thing Morsi did after the election was to talk about having the Blind Sheik released from US prison! (Aside from his numerous terrorist plots in the US, the Blind Sheik was part of the Sadat assassination in 1981 and was imprisoned in Egypt for 3 years). Why would Morsi care about having him released if they were not in league together? The best thing the left can say is that the MB only "inspires" or "encourages" the more extreme Islamic radicals such as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (now merged with al qaeda). Or that the MB was just a spawning ground for those who later turn out to be the worst terrorists in history. When a group has the same ideology and inspires terrorists and acts in concert with them are they not also deserving of the title? WAKE UP OBAMA!

  • The Muslim Brotherhood seeds to establish a theocracy.

    The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to establish Islam as the dominant force, including the laws of the state. More accurately, it wants to establish theocracies. Since punishment for rejection of Islam is death, this will create a huge front against freedom and human rights. The last thing we need is religion dictating the choices of people.

  • Yes we should.

    While the Muslim Brotherhood likes to portray itself as a group that is peaceful and not to be worried about, the fact of the matter is, they are a radical group that is very much a threat to the United States and its citizens. As such we should fear them.

  • It is a movement.

    One's religion or ideology does not make someone evil. The Muslim Brotherhood works hard for the Muslim community and supports what they do. They do tend to take it to the extreme at times. The Muslim brotherhood is a group dedicated to the betterment of the Muslim people. They set up hospitals, churches, and overall, they just want to help out the struggling Muslim community.

  • No, we should mind our own business.

    Fearing the Muslim Brotherhood makes about as much sense as fearing a new food. The Muslim Brotherhood is simply a movement, and unless a movement encroaches directly on someone's rights or does something horrible, they're allowed to pursue their own objectives without interference from others. Americans need to learn tolerance instead of fear anything they do not understand.

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