• Eggos but not Egos

    Yes, They should be taken care of and treated with the respect they deserve. That doesn't mean they all deserve respect though. Don't feel like you have to empower them to do everything you do or treat them as equals in every category to show respect. They have their place and we have ours.

  • What do we get in return?

    Feeding women has created a sense of entitlement in our society. How an we continue to to support this behavior when it clearly has furthered the social divide between men and women.

    We now have women who save men in their phonebook as free food. They entice them with the promise of romance, All to use them a meal coupon.

    In the Bible, It says that if a man does not work, He should not eat. And if he poured his spirit out on all flesh, This should apply to them too. With that said, No we should not feed women in the year of our Lord 2020.

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