Should we feel pity and sympathy for the homeless or disrespect?

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  • Help they are people to

    They are the same as you and me. All of us deserve a opertunity to achieve are dreams i would give food not money and if they do not take it means they are going to spend on something not needed . Also are comunity will grow and be much stronger

  • Help the less fouurtnate

    You don't know their story. Sometimes people just can't make ends meat for whatever reason. Sometimes people are kicked to the curb an can't get back on their feet. They most likely have nothing, so why would you disrespect homeless people. They've done nothing wrong to you. I'm 15 years old and I know how I would want to be treated. If I'm on the street I would want someone some where to give a damn about me. Why would you want to go through life putting others down, killing others off because its "survival of the fittest". Life is too short to not be thankful for what you have. Once you're gone you're gone. You might as well make it a life worth living.

  • It could happen to anyone

    Don't assume that just because you went to college, never did drugs, etc., that you won't ever be homeless.

    Read some stories about the homeless. Not all of them are the same. Not all of them are druggies and high school dropouts. Some are the complete opposite. And some are teenagers who were stuck in an abusive home and escaped.

    Before you judge, walk in their shoes. It could be you.

  • Yes we should

    We should feel either sympathy or disrespect. It's strange how people ask these questions when the answers can only be yes or no. If the answer was no to this question, then I wonder how might one interact with a homeless person. You might as well ask me "do I like tea or coffee?" Yes. I do. I do like either tea or coffee. Doesn't really narrow down to much, but there we go.

  • Pity and Sympathy!

    I definitely feel pity and sympathy for the homeless. I don't just say that because they are all poor and have no money and such. I say that because of how they got to where they are, unemployed and sitting in the dirty street. It is not at all because they are lazy! It is not like one middle class person just gave up on a job and making money. It is all about a person's circumstances.

  • Survival of the fittest

    The homeless simply couldn't cut in mainstream culture and society, and are not deserving of true respect. Of course they are human beings so its appropriate for charitable organizations to offer safety net services. There is no role for the government to get involved, and is purely a pragmatic decision to offer aid where needed.

  • We should not feel pity and sympathy or disrespect.

    I am really close to being a homeless person, most people are. I don't feel pity for them and I have no reason to disrespect them. In the system we have here in the US having homeless people is almost inevitable, just like having the super rich is.

    Some people choose to be homeless, or rather, choose to not put up with a lot of the BS most of us are use to putting up with and shoveling out.

    Some of them have issues that prevent them from being "normal" or make it very difficult at least.

    A lot of it is they don't have people that can or will help them.

  • Too scary for sympathy

    I've been screamed at by homeless people. I won't bore you with the details because nearly everyone has been screamed at by bums. But It is scary. Once you make me fear for my life then I don't care about you or your ilk.

    Sympathy for the wrong homeless person could get you killed. Best not to risk it.

  • They make their own decisions

    If you are poor or homeless and you truly want to be smart, then you aught to know that it won't just magically happen. Besides I read a book a while back called Crapalachia and it is basically about one kid ,who was in the worst spot possible, manage to overcome that poverty (the kid eventually became a well known writer and he is also the person who wrote the book).

  • Plenty of help

    There are a TON of aid programs out there sponsored by government and private organizations. All they have to do is seek it. I went from homeless (domestic violence survivor) to university grad, supporting my 2 kids and no longer dependent on the system. Did I want to break down and give up? MANY times! But I found help and it wasn't hard.

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LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-22T08:32:12.623
Most people are just one paycheck from being homeless. Something to think about.
TheEpicGlassesGuy says2014-06-22T12:40:09.750
It depends. Some people are just unfortunate, have been born to homelessness or had something happen to them to get them there. While others spent money on gambling, drugs or wasted their money and ended up being homeless for it.
Ragnar says2014-06-22T16:51:38.327
Really depends on the homeless in question. Southpark however did a pretty good satire on the problem.