• Yes have sympathy

    Murderers must have had some kind of horrible background or must have had something horrible happen to them as children. They must have completely destroyed mindsets and must be completely lost. They are human too. We can't be so cold as to completely cast them into darkness and horror--they should be punished of course, but we should feel sorry for them--it's part of human nature.

  • Yes, they are not fully human.

    Only in this one point do they deserve any sympathy or compassion, that somehow they missed the boat in understanding the gravity of this offence. They are incapable of fully functioning in human society and must be removed from it whether by capital punishment or incarceration. The question of how they became that way or what motivated them to kill can justify empathy for them because however it happened they were a cog in the wheel and seemingly unable to change it within themselves. Somehow they missed out on whatever human considerations make murder so wrong to the rest of us.

  • Yes, we should have sympathy for murderers.

    In order to commit murder, someone's mind has to be broken beyond repair. While this does not excuse their actions, I do think they deserve sympathy for their illness. We can punish them for their crimes, and still feel compassion for them, and how very sick they must be to commit such a terrible crime.

  • Sympathy does not mean its ok

    Feeling sympathy for a murder is completely fine, However believing its ok for someone to kill another person is not. Many murderers had mental illnesses that led to their doings and if you question, "Why didn't seek help? " the answer is that you never really know you have a mental disorder until others point it out you or it becomes obvious to your own person.

  • Yes we should feel sorry.

    If a murderer murders, something isnt right in their minds. They can’t understand the impact their actions have, or they may just want to bring pain on others, this also means something’s wrong in their minds. Most don’t get the chance, but if they do feel remorse, that’s also acceptable.

  • Yes, but only the ones who had bad past experiences.

    Remember the anime Detective Conan? Well, it has a LOT of murderers who had bad past experiences such as; abuse, dead loved ones by the hands of the victims both directly and indirectly, their lovers having an affair with another man or woman, being blatantly blackmailed, etc... But only their perpetrators they kill, though this does not excuse murder I still believe these kind of murderers deserve to be felt sorry for.

  • Yes, in some cases.

    The human nature is not programmed for murder. Most of the time, the killer has been through some pretty sick things, and their minds are probably not all that okay. Murders are NOT justified, but go take a look at murderpedia. The killers have usually been victims at some point.

  • Yes, We Should

    We shouldn't necessarily feel sympathetic towards murderers, because sympathy means that you share in their feelings/pain. We don't share their pain, and in most cases, we don't understand their psychology. However, we should feel empathetic towards murderers. We should pity them for allowing their situation to play out like it did.

  • Maybe for some.

    Most murderers choose to murder. They choose. Before you say "Oh. But they have mental conditions!" Then why didn't they call for help? I know some can't and those are the ones I care about. But most murderers murder for the sake of seeing someone die. Doesn't it sound twisted? Being poor isn't an excuse. Because most of the poor people I've met were kind. Also not knowing the law isn't an excuse either. I see the law everywhere I go. Being young is still not an excuse. When you were all young weren't you taught that killing someone was mean, gross and wrong? Kids weren't taught to murder. Sorry if I sounded mean, I was just trying to get my point across.

  • No Sympathy For Murderers

    One of the worst things you can do is kill another person. It is cruel, inconsiderate, and just a downright terrible thing to do. Anyone that murders does not deserve to have any type of sympathy. Why should someone feel sorry for a killer? The killer did not feel sorry for those they murdered.

  • No just no

    You just can't feel sorry for someone who didn't in their accord. It's their conscious decision (case-by-case), a concerted effort, to abide by a life undeserving of any form of sympathy. They relished in the act of killing, should they cherish the luxury of forgiving? Taking away the most basic human right of all, the right to live, is truly abonimable.

  • No, not as a class of people anyways

    There may be extenuating circumstances, cases where I would feel sorry for the murderer. The battered wife who kills her abusive husband for example. But generally, no. Murder is above anything else, WRONG, just WRONG. Being from a poor background is not an excuse. Even poor communities teach their children that "murder" is wrong. There may be more factors at work that may encourage a person to resort to murder, but in the end it is still that person's choice and that person still knows what they are doing is wrong. Furthermore, beyond what society teaches I think there's something in our very nature that says "THIS IS WRONG!" Even if that were absent, then it can be taught and with very rare exceptions (like being raised by someone apart from society and indoctrinated) it is whether by parents, in a school civics classroom, or in a church, synagogue, mosque.

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